Primed Success Stories Summarized

I am so proud that there are thousands of Primed success stories worldwide.

I am passionate about helping people to live longer and live better.

Here is a summary of the Primed Success stories within my blog.

Chad Primed

Primed Judith reversed Hypertension. So many have by going Primed. You can too.

Judith before and after picture

Primed Mariano Family Thriving in Iligan City

Mariano Fi

Primed Martin Ledesma Rocking Malandag, Sarangani

Martin Ledesma

Enderun Colleges Alumni Rocking the Primed Lifestyle: Gabs Lost 7kgs in 3 Weeks

Enderun Alumni Joan

Dane and Maiko Lost 20 Pounds Combined in a Month. Here’s How:

Dane 4

Primed Chen is Rocking it. Three Kilos Gone Already & Off the Meds. Yippie.

NEH Chen fi

Primed Avril Mariano is Rocking Iligan

Avril Mariano

Primed Ravi is Doing Great for Himself and His Family

Ravi Before and after

Primed Richard is Going to Spend his Extra Energy Learning How to Cook. Cool.

NEH Richard

Primed Ernest and Che Keep Inspiring

Ernest and Cate before and after

Happy 16th Birthday Lauren – We love you.

Lauren Davis 50

35 Inspiring Primed Transformations


Junkee and His Wife Love Primed Kinilaw. Me too.


Primed Juress is 4 Kilos Down and Counting…..

NEH JulyJuress & Tom

Primed Jeroen is a Great Boss. Fact.

NEH Jeroen

Primed Clof Rocked Her Bull Runner Marathon

Clof fi

Primed Rose Ann’s Inspirational Story to be Healthier and Happier

Rose Ann fi


Primed Secrets to Being Healthier and Happier on The Best of You Podcast with Mike Grogan and Chad

Best of You fi

Primed NZ Ironman Champs Berns Tan & Jose Mari

Jose and Chase pic

My Mum Reversed Type 2 Diabetes Going Primed


Primed Dr. Annabelle Nutrient Loaded Green Smoothie


Is ADHD Short for “A Diet Highly Disruptive”?

Gracie Dunn

Amazing Tess and Tricia in just 7 days Primed.

Tess Tricia

Victor Magno is Rocking His Primed Lifestyle

Victor Magno3

Jenel is an MMA World Title Champion on the Primed Lifestyle

Jenel fi

Primed Judith is Inspiring So Many Others to Improve Their Lives. That’s How to Live and Be happy.

Judith's Primed OVCO

Primed Marriz and Jasmin Rock Big Time

Marriz RU

Ronald is Primed and Loving It – His Family Too

Ronald Primed Ronald teammates

Br. Normandy of De La Salle is Loving His Primed Lifestyle

Normandy before and after

Primed Jun de Castro is Thriving

Jun fi

Primed Super Family – Etienne, Sarah and Liam La’Brooy

Sarah and Etienne and Liam

The Primed Secret on How to Get Abs!

Abs Primed

So Many People are Improving Their Lives by Following the Primed Lifestyle

Mike Yau family

Chad’s Sick then Fat Food and Exercise in 2013 compared with Healthy and Fit 2015


Recovery Rocks When You Follow the Primed Lifestyle – Eight Examples

Recovery fi

The Primed Lifestyle is Not About Weight Loss but……

Weight Tj

Primed Anthony Vargas – A Cool Role Model for His Family and Others

Anthony FI

Ironwoman Berns Tan Personal Best by 1 hour plus with a Primed Lifestyle

Berns Ironman1

Primed Mailyn Looking & Feeling Fabulous

Mailyn Before and after

160km Ultra Marathon on Olive Oil & Nuts – Well Done Primed Low Carb Champion Rose

100 plus k Rose FI

Primed Valerie is Loving Her Primed Lifestyle


20 Pounds in 2 Months for Primed Always Smiling Bhong

Bhong Primed

50km in 3 hours 57 with No Carbs – Yes, it’s Possible! Meet Primed Ultra Marathon Champion Andy Pope

Andy Pope run on fat

Primed Ultra Marathoner Rose Betonio

Rose Primed

Primed Ultra Marathoner Kristian Joergensen

Kristian featured image

Primed Marc Lost 35 Pounds in 3 Months but Found Extra Energy!

Marc D before and after Primed


Primed Super Couple Franz & Ghia

Primed Super Couple FandG1


Primed Berns Tan is Number 1

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch1

Inspirational Primed Maiqui – 30 Pounds Lost in 3 Months!

Maiqui before and after

PCOS Gone. How Going Primed Helps Ladies Every Month – Thanks Mae

Mae Primed5

Chad is Getting Younger! – Anti-Ageing Results from Expo in Ortigas

#Chad healthy

Benefits of Limiting Sugar and Grains – Real Life Story of Mae from WhenInManila

Mae Primed7

Primed for your Life Inspirational Derek Ackary

Derek Ackary pic



Chad’s Melbourne Ironman: Swam, Biked & Ran on Fat





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