Primed Anthony Vargas – A Cool Role Model for His Family and Others

When you go Primed all sorts of great things happen. Just ask Anthony Vargas.

From Anthony – “I now have: More mental clarity, not bloated, glowing skin and a lot more energy.” No mention of weight loss here because it pales into insignificance compared to having a better brain and body thereby extending the quality and quantity of your life.

How did Anthony achieve this in Just a Couple of Months?

By eating real food. No vegetable oils, no grains, no sugar and no processed foods. These are not real food. Grains cannot be digested in their natural state (are already GMO) and must be highly processed so you can digest them. Yikes.

Anthony kettle ball

Exercise helps you to become healthier ONLY AFTER you have the great nutrients from your food to give you the energy you need. You need vitamins, minerals and essential fatty acids. Anthony was previously overfed yet undernourished. Not any more.

What is Primed?

Now he is keeping his blood sugar levels constant, minimizing inflammation in his body and building his immune system to better fight disease. Very good. Anthony is eating real food, with real flavor to get unreal results!

Please remember:

Anthony Vargas – “Yup family slowly embracing it.”

So cool. I am particularly passionate about helping children get their best possible start in life. We owe it to them to give their developing minds and bodies the best possible fuel source we can.

From Dr. Robert Su: “So, the most effective measure we as parents have to improve our children’s health is to help them maintain a constant blood glucose level within a healthy range. This is done simply. By simply restricting refined carbs to our children.”

Lets the best possible example to our children:

Anthony and family

When children have diets high in refined carbs it can be painful for them. Low quality carbs reduce energy, disrupt important hormone balances, affects brain function and leads to a storage of excess body fat. The cheap carbs are all the highly processed grains found in breads, pasta, noodles, crackers, pizza, muffins, baked goods, cakes, cereals, cookies and doughnuts etc. (and hidden in many packaged foods).

Look at these beautiful, colorful, nutritious Carbohydrates:

Carbohydrates rock

Dr. William Davis (best selling author of Wheat Belly) describes these products as the food of the “ignorant or desperate”. They are genetically modified “Frankenfoods” that all humans (young and old) are poorly adapted to digesting.

Lets eat to live and reclaim our health so we can live better and longer:


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