Wheat baby! The Painful Condition of Accidentally Eating Grains/Gluten Once Off It

The Primed Lifestyle is about eating real, nutritious food to optimally feed your body and brain. GMO, highly processed foods should not be part of a healthy lifestyle as they cause inflammation, spike blood sugars and insulin (those promoting early aging) and are addictive appetite stimulating “poison” that humans and many animals (such as your dog) are poorly adapted to digesting.

Wheat Baby pain

Once you give up grains/wheat you CANNOT go back because once the “poison” is out of your system your body will react badly if this “poison” is reintroduced. This is surely proof positive that these grains are “poison” to your system.

Wheat Baby

My wonderfully slim and fit Primed client’s wife accidentally had gluten in some Thai food and her normally tight and terrific tummy became 3 months “pregnant” with a “wheat baby”.

I personally got intense stomach cramps when I had just a tablespoon of cous cous. Never again.

Wheat Belly's Wheat Baby

From the wonderful facebook page of Dr. William Davis called Wheat Belly (named after his NY Times best seller):

Stacey couldn’t resist and wanted to see what would happen when she re-exposed herself to wheat/grains after being free of them. Look what happened! See featured image above.

“I’ve been 100% grain-free for about a month and I did something stupid and tested the before and after results. I’m appalled and amazed at how bloated a little wheat made me. These pictures were taken 15 mins apart!

“I will not be curious of how it affects my body any more if I ‘accidentally’ consume it. Now I’m getting prepared for the joint pain and fatigue!”

All the above from the wonderful site of NY Times best seller Dr. William Davis. His book Wheat Belly is a must read and his follow up Wheat Belly Cook Book is a cracking recipe book.

Wheat Belly Andy Pope

Esteemed NY Times best seller of Wheat Belly Dr. William Davis highlighted the Primed article of Andy Pope running 50km in sub 4 hours with no carbs. Andy is proudly showing off his favorite cook book but said he also loves the Primed for your Life recipes such as Primed Kinilaw with Extra Vegetables.

Here’s what Dr. Davis said:

“Carb loading impairs health: cataracts, joint degeneration, fatty liver, and other health problems, in addition to impairing life and exercise performance.
No more carb loading!

Some Inspiring Words from NBA Star Luis Scola

Former LA Laker and Argentine champion Luis Scola said:

I feel so much better that I’m never coming back. You can’t go back. That’s what I tell the guys that are trying it. … If I eat the things that I used to eat before, that’s when I start feeling really bad. So once you start doing it and you do it for a long time, you can’t stop. Because if you go back, you feel it.

Top 10 reasons to kiss wheat and grains goodbye forever.


There are plenty of reasons to never allow your lips to meet a wheat bagel, sandwich, or pretzels again. But here are the top 10 most compelling, powerful reasons to tell the USDA and other providers of dietary advice to bug off with their “healthy whole grains” advice.

1. Gliadin derived opiates (from partial digestion to 4- and 5-amino acid long fragments) increase appetite substantially–as do related proteins from rye, barley, and corn. This is a big part of the reason grains make you gain weight.

2. Gliadin derived opiates are mind active drugs that trigger behavioral outbursts in kids with ADHD and autism, mania in bipolar illness, paranoia in schizophrenics, 24 hour a day food obsessions in people prone to bulimia and binge eating disorder.

3. Gliadin, when intact, initiates the processes of autoimmunity leading to rheumatoid arthritis, type 1 diabetes, multiple sclerosis, psoriasis, and 200 other conditions.

4. Amylopectin A raises blood sugar to high levels, higher, ounce for ounce, than table sugar.

5. Wheat germ agglutinin is a potent bowel toxin.

6. Wheat germ agglutinin blocks gallbladder and pancreatic function (via blocking the receptor for cholecystokinin).

Wheat sucks

7. Phytates block absorption of all positively-charged minerals–such as iron, zinc, and magnesium.

8. Multiple allergens are present–such as trypsin inhibitors, thioreductases, alpha amylase inhibitors, and gamma gliadins, responsible for asthma, skin rashes, and gastrointestinal distress.

9. Grains are potent endocrine disrupters explaining why women with polycystic ovarian syndrome, PCOS, are much worse with grain consumption, why men grow man breasts, why male levels of testosterone drop and estrogen increases, why pituitary prolactin levels are higher, why cortisol action is blocked, and why thyroid health is disrupted by autoimmune inflammation.

10. Big Food and agribusiness use wheat and grains to control human buying behavior, putting the addictive appetite-stimulating effects to use to increase food consumption and keep you coming back for more.

These are among the reasons that, in the Wheat Belly lifestyle, we return to real, single-ingredient foods minus wheat and grains.

From the facebook page of Dr. William Davis of Wheat Belly fame.

Wheat sucks4

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