Surfing at Urbn Surf was awesome.

Sam and had an awesome time learning how to surf at Urbn Surf.

I did my surfing sans wetsuit because I am cold adapted. #coldwatercoach

Sam and I were in the chilly waters of Port Melbourne beach that morning before our surf.

We had many fabulous Primed breakfasts

We love fabulous Primed salads too.


If interested in gaining more energy and vitality join us.

Just message me at 0434-100-564 or at

Become smarter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Judith Staples lost around 40 pounds and reversed hypertension easily.

Rona and Eric “Eruption” experienced enormous benefits.


About the author of this article:

Hi, I am Chad. Feel free to email me at or Skype at primedforyourlife

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