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Kuitpo Forest in South Australia ROCKS

We loved going for our short drive out of Adelaide to the Kuitpo Forest.

Kuitpo Forest Chad1

It was great family fun to get fresh air, walk in the sun and appreciate nature.

Kuitpo Forest

It was super fun to go Forest bathing. 🙂

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Chef Dina’s Fabulous Primed Nutrition

Dina and Danny are thriving & noticed:

  • They have more energy
  • Their clothes fit better and are more lose already
  • They are sleeping very well with big improvements here
  • They are LOVING their beautiful Primed nutrition with Chef Dina being a fabulously creative chef
  • Their son JD is enjoying his cheese and eggs and is slowly getting on board too
  • They are just a month in to their Primed journey but see their new lifestyle as a sustainable and fun one
  • They are less hungry
  • They are more satiated and satisfied with their food
  • They are saving time and money by not LIVING TO EAT and actually eating to live

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Mark Mariano shed 10 pounds in 20 days Primed. Energy and happiness gained.

Mark and I met at Zuellig Family Foundation in Paranaque – it was a long run for me from Pasig but worth it to meet this great guy.

Mark Mariano

Mark and I met again in Ortigas and he enjoyed his Primed seminar. Mark loves Primed food and other energy enhancing protocols.

Mark Mariano food

Mark loves Primed Cookies and Primed Banana Pancakes cooked in Primed Organic VCO.

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Primed Ethan is Primed and Loves it.

Since Ethan became Primed he enjoyed the following:

Ethan host.jpg

  • Improved energy
  • Better sleep
  • Improved mental clarity
  • Better mental focus
  • Peace of mind in knowing a long -term, sustainable way to thrive
  • Better skin
  • Loving Primed food
  • Enjoying creating new dishes
  • Less hunger pangs as more satisfied with his food

Quote from Primed Ethan:

“While enjoying some non-Primed snacks, especially when he was abroad, I mainly cooked myself.”

“I cooked lots of Primed food to maintain a healthy and fit lifestyle that made studying at Barcelona all the more enjoyable” 

“For me, balance is key, but sunlight, good food, and sleep weigh very heavy on the scale!”

  • Optimal Primed Fitness and Health is A LOT more than simply food.

  • Primed Ethan he knows that food is only 20% of the entire optimal health equation.

Some cool Primed dishes from Ethan in Barcelona

Ethan food1

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Primed Tricia is a Primed Champ

I love being served by Tricia. Tricia has always been good but became EXCEPTIONAL once Primed (in my opinion).

  • Tricia has improved confidence
  • Tricia’s smile became even brighter!
  • Tricia continues to get great guest comment cards but they became even better
  • Tricia loves the sun even more now

  • Tricia did not lose or gain weight but gained HEALTH

  • Tricia loves eggs and okra
  • Tricia is an excellent employee at The Wholesome Table

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Franky and Family are THRIVING

From Primed Franky:

Going primed was a great decision, not only for myself but for my family. It has put my parents in a state I’e never seen before. I see they are more disciplined (admittedly they relapse once in awhile) but they have managed their lifestyle well and have maintained it.

Franky family

For the first 6-7 mos it was a challenge for me. Self doubt, angst with everything and just stubborness… i came to realize that going primed; you cant go into it with just a one dimensional mindset… it truly is an emotional/mental/psychological adjustment as much as it is physical.

Franky 3

As for me, huge changes! I am happier. I prioritize what is truly important and that is family. Time with them… i manage my stress better at work. God knows corporate jobs are always going to be toxic but thats what you taught me… that i can always be happy by being grateful and knowing whats more important.


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The Top Ten Reasons UFC / MMA Fighters Go Primed and Kick Arse

10. Because Primed helps performance


9. Primed helps recovery which helps performance

UFC Adamson and Gab

MMA Primed talk

8. Primed helps you sleep which helps performance

Fiishmongersdailycatch sleep

MMA Primed talk2

7. Primed helps your brain which helps performance


6. Primed helps your body which helps performance. Inflammation is reduced. That is a BIGGIE.

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