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Inspirational Primed Maiqui – 30 Pounds Lost in 3 Months!

Thank you to Maiqui Dayrit for giving us a huge dose of inspiration at the start of 2015.  

In 3 short months you have regained health, vitality and shed a whopping 30 pounds.  Fabulous.

Inspiration is leadership by example and you have done this for your Fitness First teammates, the triathlon community, your family and EVERYBODY.

Who knows the huge number of lives your wonderful example will impact and help improve.

Here are the Primed Benefits Maiqui Experienced in His Own Words

“Three months ago, I was in the worst shape of my life.”

Maiqui before Primed

“Today was my first race after a 2 year break. I won my category and was 2nd fastest overall! The guy who beat me was a national team duathlete.”

Maiqui after Primedforyourlife1

I have so much more energy. I find myself looking for more after killer 4-5 hour bike rides!”

“I used to be a cramper. Since I started eating well, I haven’t cramped even once during a workout.”

“Running and biking is so much easier now because of the weight loss…. The best part is that I eat A LOT!!”
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Condura Skyway Race Report: Stronger, Faster, Younger, Primed.

The gun shot at midnight to herald the start of the Condura Skyway marathon had extra significance for all of the 5000 plus marathon runners that morning. The gun shot was symbolic of the loss of the 44 Fallen PNP-SAF members. They are heroes who died for freedom and peace. May you all Rest in Peace and your families gain strength from your sacrifice. We all salute and respect you.

Condura 44 Fallen PNP-SAF members

Running for a Cause – Congratulations Raul Concepcion aka RunningShield

Thanks to the vision and integrity of Raul Concepcion we had an event to honor our heroes. The fallen 44 and the current serving and retired armed forces were at the forefront of our minds and hearts.

Condura Joey

Like the thousands of others I ran with a heavy heart as I thought of them. I also reflected on my other heroes and was thinking of my Dad, my hero, Charles Davis. He adopted and adored my brother and I and was a great man. I ran that morning wearing his ring. It was quite prophetic that at the 28km mark I was joined by a guy called Charles, the only person whom I ran with for a few kilometers as he kept my steady pace of 4:58 for the entire marathon.  I took it as symbolic that my Dad was with me for the race and I knew in my heart that I would finish the race strongly.

Dad - Charles John Davis
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PCOS Gone. How Going Primed Helps Ladies Every Month – Thanks Mae

Please Read Mae’s True Story

Mae has previously blogged about her benefits from going Primed but below is some concrete proof of those benefits direct from Mae and Mae’s doctor.

One of the great podcasts that Mae listened to was from esteem Neurosurgeon Dr. David Perlmutter. Please listen to this podcast carefully. Simply click on this Grain Brain to listen. It is an interview with David Perlmutter, MD, a neurosurgeon whose father (also a neurosurgeon) has Alzheimer’s.

Grain Brain1

How a Simple Lifestyle Change Helped Reduce my PCOS (PolyCystic Ovary Syndrome) Condition: A True Story

By: Mae Ilagan from WhenInManila

Early this month, I thought I was sick because of severe bleeding. I’ve been diagnosed with Polycystic ovaries (PCOS) for 10 yrs and despite taking hormone pills prescribed by my doctor to fix my imbalances, my condition never really improved. I gave up on my medications 4 years ago, I didn’t want to take any medicine for they were also expensive. And so for 4 yrs, I’d only have my period 3 times yearly….

My 1st period came March 2014 then the 2nd came around August… 2 weeks after I significantly reduced my white sugar and rice consumption (also no grains and no noodles) as advised by Primed for Your Life Wellness Coach, Chad Davis.

Over-fed and under-nourished7

Then Sept 5 came, I noticed I started having blood discharges. I thought it would last for only a few days, but it never stopped til early Oct. By the 1st weekend of October, the blood flow became severe, that I had to go to the hospital as I thought my bleedings were caused by abnormal growths in my uterus since I never visited my doctor for years.

My OB performed an ultrasound and confirmed that I was actually having a normal period. She was so surprised because I never took any meds and because I had my period again only after a month. She confirmed that it was due to my lifestyle/diet change. She (my doctor) even gave me a go signal to continue on with whatever I was doing and even asked me what I did, so she can also advise her other patients who have PCOS to do what I did! The ultrasound results were very good! I have no cysts nor polyps or any abnormalities. Turns out I’m healthier than ever!

Since I lack exercise, my weight loss is very gradual. I almost gave up and wanted to eat rice again, but little did I know that my lifestyle change was doing major changes in my system! I’m so happy now and I feel much healthier as I never thought my imbalances would improve!

I really thank you, Ms. Cathy and the whole Nurture team because you and Chad Davis were the reasons behind my health success!

Thank you for teaching me how to eat well and for adding years to my life!

Over-fed and under-nourished10

Featured image and quotes from Overfed and Undernourished facebook site.

If you need wellness coaching and would also like to try the PRIMED DIET, contact Chad Davis with the following details:

Primed for Your Life


for inquiries: 0929.421.2148 (m) (email)

Benefits of Limiting Sugar and Grains – Real Life Story of Mae from WhenInManila

“It’s day 16 and I’m enjoying it! I believe I’m a REAL foodie now because I eat REAL food.” Mae from WhenInManila.

Just try limiting and eventually eliminating your sugars and grains and see what happens. Try it and you just might see some great changes such as the ones Mae is experiencing.
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Hi Chad,

Thanks for introducing your Primed Lifestyle to Wallen and I. Our 3 children are not into it yet as we will introduce it to them gradually. I have decided to start this new lifestyle because of the way you talked about it after Tri-United 1 in March, 2014. You were very convincing, but it was more than that, I saw the overflowing energy in you, and your skin was healthier than before. What convinced me more was the result in SUBIT triathlon where you beat Wallen for the first time in 14 months.

Chad & Wallen2



2013 Exercise and Weight

For the year 2013 I did the following exercise which totaled over 11,000 kilometers: Swimming 302km;Biking 6593km; and Running 4163km.

Despite all this exercise (some would say chronic cardio), giving up beers for many, many months prior to Ironman Japan on August 31st 2013, and being careful with what I ate, I still had love handles and put on an extra 2 to 3 kilos over the Christmas break despite still exercising and being conscious of what I ate.

During 2013 my weight hovered from around 70 to 73 kilos. I ran an average of 80km per week, biked an average of 127km per week, and swam an average of 7.5km per week. I also went to the gym regularly and was conscious of eating “healthily”. My weight was not too high but I had definite excess weight around my waist that I could not get rid of no matter how much exercise I did.

Chad pre-Primed

What if I were to get injured, went on work trips, or just didn’t care to train so much? I would gain weight right? You can clearly see that I could not exercise away my bad diet.
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