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10 Questions with Primed Andy Pope. Andy is a top family man, businessman and athlete.

Primed Andy rocks.

Please see our short 9 minute Q&A here: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=QSb0IdJ00kg

“Thanks Chad. Doing great. I consider myself blessed none more so than for you and my Primed journey.”

Pope Andy FI

#onceyouknowbetteryoudobetter#primedimprovesyouroutlook#primedimprovesyou#sunshineisenergy☀️#energyislife❤️#brownskinrocks🌟🌟Question 1: Why did you go primed? Andy said it was initially to help him run faster but he says he learned to run less but still have excellent performances. Andy now has more time for his family, himself and his business.

Condura 2016 AndyQuestion 2: What were the major benefits of adopting a Primed Lifestyle? Andy said he reversed conditions like high blood pressure and is now healthier than ever. Andy said he has improved cognitive functioning and more time to enjoy life.

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Primed Mega-Nourishing Breakfast Pizza

A great breakfast sets you up for a great day. It charges you up so you will not be hungry, distracted and grumpy. With a great breakfast you will be more productive, energized and mindful. Oh, your brain will have superior nutrition as well as your body.


Primed breakfast of mozzarella cheese, VCO fried eggs, mushroom tapenade from Edgy Veggy & Sardines with olive oil. Had Primed banana muffins too.


Once Primed you do not want to eat the bread any more (you eat the butter though), you never count calories (hello!, what a waste of time) and you eat great food. You also become healthier, happier and live better, longer. There are thousands worldwide going Primed and loving it. It’s the future for optimal health. #primedforyourlife #teachyourchildren#eatrealfood #sunshineisenergy #energyislife❤️


We eat a lot of eggs in our household. Over 6 dozen a week. All healthy, all with great energy and teeth and my cholesterol is shared by the best docs in the US.

Ingredients of Primed Breakfast “Pizza”:

5 free range eggs (the best eggs you can find and afford) – I buy ours from the Legaspi Sunday market

Primed organic Centrifuged virgin coconut oil

Home-made tomato sauce (or fresh tomatoes sliced)

Sardines in olive oil

Cheddar cheese optional

Himalayan salt and pepper


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Mariano Home-cooked Specialties in Iligan – a fabulous restaurant by a Cool Primed Family

This is easily my favorite restaurant in Iligan City. Actually, my favorite in the whole of Mindanao.

The Ambiance

Love the full glass windows, mirrors and square tables where all people can talk easily to each other.

Mariano Home-cooked specialties in Iligan10

There is even a beautiful outdoor dining area. this is where the doctors were for a meeting and then my Primed Seminar which they enjoyed. They also loved the Primed Mariano Spaghetti Squash.

This restaurant is cozy and relaxing.

Mariano Home-cooked specialties in Iligan9

The Food

When you have fabulous chef owners in Doi Mariano and Avril Mariano you cannot go wrong. Four years in business is testimony to their quality.

Mariano Home-cooked specialties in Iligan7

Mariano Home-cooked specialties in Iligan1

Here’s the delicious 4-Course Primed menu they created.

Mariano Home-cooked specialties in Iligan13

I proudly (and nervously) was in charge of dessert. I told Dr. Victor and his doctor friends that if it is good then I made it. However, if they didn’t like it then Avril prepared it. Haha. They loved it. You beauty.

Mariano Mango Mousse3

The Primed Mango Mousse was a winner. Especially when Avril’s chef added grated dark chocolate on top.

Mariano Mango Mousse5

The Service

Avril Mariano is a charismatic and wonderful host. With an in-depth background in hospitality at places such as Makati Shangri-La I was not surprised that Avril’s staff were well-trained, profession and super friendly.

Mariano Home-cooked specialties in Iligan3

What I also loved is that their service crew are so sharp that they too have already started their Primed journey. That rocks and shows excellent intelligence.

Mariano Home-cooked specialties in Iligan4

The Guests

The people of Iligan City are very friendly. They are going Primed too and will be healtheir and happier. They will live longer, better lives.

Mariano Home-cooked specialties in Iligan8

Iligan top docs

The picture above is of some of the best pediatricians in the City. They are great docs with open-minds and were extremely receptive to the Primed lifestyle and protocols. They “got it” and are even applying the principles in their practices already.

Children cooking

The best thing we can do for our children is help them to maintain a stable blood glucose level within a normal range. Good health then follows. Baby steps to a healthier family/self include getting rid of fast food, avoiding teeth ruining soft drinks/juices/sports drinks, ditching cheap carbs (bread, pasta & noodles) in favor of nutrient dense vegetables and healthy fats and engaging a wellness coach to guide you. #Eatrealfood#HelpYourChildren #LowerCarbHigherHealthyFats#primedforyourlife

Banner Primed final

Primed food is real food to optimally nourish your brain and body. Grains, sugar, soy, veg oil and other highly processed stuff hurts you and your family. Nourish them with love and real food. #breadisdead#grainsequalsugar #sugarequalsinflammation#inflammationleadstodisease#100stafflost500kilosin80days #primedforyourlife#teachyourchildren #justeatrealfood #iligancity#marianoshomecookedspecialties

The Final Words from Juliet the morning after our Primed Mariano 4-course Dinner

“I woke up with so much energy today. I went walking, got some sunshine and started eating real food this morning. My 3 children are also very receptive to the change.”

Avril said: “Chad, you indeed helped another family to be healthy today. Thank you.”


Primed Mariano Squash Spaghetti

Mariano’s Primed Spaghetti Squash with shiitake mushrooms, semi-dried tomatoes, onion, garlic and Primed Centrifuged Organic VCO. So delicious, nutritious and filling. The great doctors of Iligan loved it.

Iligan top docs

It was an inspired creation of ours Avril Mariano. We will give Super Chef Doi a little credit for putting the finishing touches to our creation.


  • Squash, onions, garlic, semi-dried tomatoes in olive oil, shiitake mushrooms, Primed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and shaved parmesan cheese (optional). Himalayan salt and pepper of course.

Mariano’s Primed Spaghetti Squash with semi-dried tomatoes and shiitake mushrooms. Amazing flavor in this dish. Also very nutritious and filling. Chef Doi from Iligan is a genius in the kitchen. It is worth traveling to Iligan just to eat at Mariano’s restaurant. ‪#‎grainsequalsugar‬‪#‎sugarequalsinflammation‬‪#‎inflammationleadstodisease‬‪#‎iligancity‬‪#‎primedforyourlife‬‪#‎justeatrealfood‬‪#‎marianosresteraunt‬‪#‎DoiMariano‬‪#‎AvrilMariano‬‪#‎supportrealfood‬

Spaghetti Squash1

Avril Mariano has a beautiful vegetable spiralizer. I flexed my muscles and did the twirling. It is easy to use and clean. See the facebook page of Mariano Home-cooked Specialties.
Spaghetti Squash2 
Spaghetti Squash3

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Primed Martin Ledesma Rocking Malandag, Sarangani

Amazing Primed transformation by Martin Ledesma. Proud of you mate.

“Hi Chad!

Below are bullet points of my Primed Lifestyle journey.
If I remember it correctly it was the 14th of April when you visited us at Malandag, Sarangani and introduced us to the Primed lifestyle. I weighed about 9.5kgs/21 lbs heavier back then.
NEH farmers
-The first two weeks were challenging as my body was just starting to get used very minimal carbohydrate and sugar intake. I felt tired most of the time and had little energy.
-As soon as I got to adjust with my new eating habits, I was able to totally get rid of sugar and bad carbos (bread, pasta & noodles) in my diet. I felt more energized and there was mental clarity.
Martin at beach
-I drink plenty of water daily

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7 Reason Soleus Corregidor Island Race is a Must for January 2017

The Corregidor Island marathon, half marathon and 10km race are held every January and I am so glad we now know exactly what we will be doing every year on that Saturday (full marathon) or  Sunday (other distance) come January.

Corregidor Marathon Rocks

7 Reasons To Join Me, My Family, My Soleus Philippines Teammates, Interntaional Competitors and Hundreds of Others Next Year

(1). The ferry trip over is a blast.

Simply leave the smog and heat of Manila behind as you enjoy the cool sea breeze as you travel to beautiful and historic Corregidor Island. The island is less than 90 minutes away and is a fun trip from the Mall of Asia area.

Corregidor Marathon Bye Manila

Good bye Manila and hello to the fresh air of Corregidor Island. It is breath-takingly beautiful. The race starts at 8am so you can stay over the previous night or even rock up on the day itself by catching the first ferry.

Corregidor Marathon Hello CI

(2). Corregidor Island is gorgeous, green, historical, mysterious and a fun place to visit.

Corregidor Marathon Beautiful

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Trail Running Safety Tips

With trail running becoming more and more popular I wanted to share some tips to ensure you have fun and are safe during this spectacularly fun activity. No point getting some wonderful fresh air and then going to hospital with an injury. We will be competing at Tanay Rizal this Sunday starting at 5am.

Tanay Trail

Preparation is the Key – Pick the Right Race and Distance

It all starts with picking the right race and run category for you. My last race was a 21km trail where we were pre-warned by the organizers that “THIS IS TRAIL RUNNING! THIS IS EXTREME SPORT!” Indeed, it was so tough that only 23 out of 150 starters made it within the 7 hour cut-off time! I was very delighted to finish 2nd in that grueling race in a time just short of 6 hours.

Sierra Madre trail running12

Upper-body Strength

We all know that regular running is about your legs. Well, trail running is also about upper body strength so I recommend that you try some gym routines to build upper body strength. I love using my eccentric gym routines and this helped me on the trail as I climbed up and down the rocks, held onto vines and trees and even when I slipped and had to brace my fall.

Sierra Madre trail running1


Make sure you arrive at the race venue prepared and bring the following:

(1) Gloves to save your hands from rock cuts, plants stings etc.;
(2) Head-lamp and/or flash light as the races start in the dark of morning;
(3) Home-made energy gel for your trail fuel;
(4) A good sized water bottle with your water bottle holder;
(5) Your cell phone just in case you get into trouble on the trail and need to ring a friend (have a bum bag with plastic zip lock bag if it is wet);
(6) Bring a hat because once the sun rises it can get very hot;
(7) A good breakfast like 3 boiled eggs or even a nice Omelette before the race;
(8) Some post-race snacks like bananas, nuts and even an iced coffee made with coconut milk;
(9) Some people use trail running poles but I think it depends on the trail and how many rock climbs are included.

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Malungay, the rich man’s vegetable!

Malunggay used to be known as the poor man’s vegetable in the Philippines. Maybe it is true with respect to material wealth, but those who eat a lot of malunggay are rich in health due to the myriad of health benefits derived from this abundant and wondrous small leaf.

The malunggay tree is known as the miracle tree for good reason. The leaves, stem and even roots have properties that have some of these benefits: anti-ageing, antioxidants, anti-inflammatory, anti-infectious, anti-bacterial, anti-cancer, increase sperm count and beauty/skin treatment among others.

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Qualifying for the 35th and 38th National Milo Marathon Finals – The His and Hers Story

Ever since Natasha and I got into running we dreamed of joining the iconic Milo Marathon series. We had friends who had run the qualifying races and earned their right to a free marathon in December. That sounded good to us and I attempted to qualify in 2010 but missed out by 19 minutes when I ran 4:08:30.

Luckily we both qualified for the finals in 2011 and 2014. Every marathon gives you a different experience from which to learn.

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Good luck and Safe Racing for all Cobra 70.3 Participants

There will be two thousand plus triathletes jumping from the white sands of Shangri-La’s Mactan Resort and Spa into the crystal clear water this Sunday the 3rd of August for the Cobra Ironman 70.3Philippines.

Good luck, be safe and enjoy your race. The support from the Cebuanos is fantastic and it is a wonderful atmosphere in which to compete. Your friends and loved ones can follow you live through the Ironman website.

Cobra 70.3

It does not matter if you were successful in gaining one of the 30 slots for the 2015 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship or not. By putting yourself on the start line and giving it your best effort makes you a success already. Remember, there will always be next year.