The Wholesome Table is Simply Awesome: 10/10

Welcome to The Wholesome Table, possibly the busiest restaurant in the Fort Bonifacio area. I have been fortunate enough to dine there 5 times in the last 3 weeks and each and every time has seen the place packed. Amazingly, even at 1:30 pm on a Thursday the owner Bianca Elizalde and I only just got a table!

Bianca Elizalde

Being busy is one thing, serving great food is another. I have yet to be any thing but delighted with my high quality food from The Wholesome Table and it is going to get even better with Bianca and Chef Jay letting me know that there will be more Primed items on their soon to be new menu. That’s cool.

The Wholesome Table lapu lapu1

Here is a review across my 5 dining experiences where my Sante Barley teammates Joey Marcelo and Jonah Rivera loved it. My new Primed clients in Marc Daubenbuechel and Andy Pope loved it. My triathlete pals in Berns Tan, Candy Dizon, Dennis Go, Dennis Gan, Hazel Benipay and Majul Maccay also loved it.

That’s 10 out of 10. So, why 10/10? Great food, drinks, ambiance and service.

Awesome Cuisine at The WholesomeTable

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch2

I had the Chicken Dukkah Salad twice and it was excellent. This hearty salad is very reasonably priced at Php. 460 and consists of Dukkah coated grilled chicken, roasted squash, tomatoes, sliced red onions, cucumber, crumbled feta cheese and sunflower sees drizzled with balsamic vinaigrette. Dukkah is an Egyptian condiment consisting of a mixture of herbs, nuts, and spices. Don’t tell Andy about the nuts though as he said he is not a fan but loved the salad!!

Like all great restaurants, the food is seasonal and of the highest quality. Please see a sample menu here.  Do not stress if your favorite item is not available as it is a sign that the food is authentically organic, fresh and just not available that day. There are plenty of great menu items from which to choose.

Wholesome Table Salad

When I visit again this Sunday (my children told me that they had to try The Wholesome Table asap) I want to try their Wholesome Salad which is their refreshing house salad with sweet watermelon, onions, sunflower seeds and cucumber, tossed in a sherry vinegar dressing with honey and extra virgin olive oil. Php 350. Looks great right?

Awesomely Fresh Seafood

The Wholesome Table lapu lapu

I definitely want to try the above featured Truffled lapu lapu with mustard sauce arugula, onion relish, and lemon
vinaigrette Php 870.

The Wholesome Table seafood

Marc enjoyed getting his fingers “dirty” with his Bounty of the Sea consisting of Fresh seafood stew cooked in a light
seafood broth with garlic cloves, lemon, tomatoes, and herbs (skip the side of crusty garlic bread to make it Primed) NF Php 790 (good for sharing)

The service was polite and friendly with the finger bowl supplied without asking.  Ironically, Sarsi, my former student at Enderun Colleges, helps trains the staff (good job Sarsi).  It is indeed a small world.

My favorite dish so far was my Pan-seared lapu lapu with charred leeks and salsa verde NF, GF, DF Php 490.  GF means Gluten Free, DF means Dairy Free and NF means Nut Free.

Their Grass-fed Beef is Fabulous

The Wholesome Table grass-fed meatballs

Marc and I loved the Grass-fed Meatballs which consists of three pieces of oven-roasted, grass fed beef meatballs stuffed with fresh mozzarella, topped with pickled onions and served with organic cherry tomato passato. Php 320

The Wholesome Table grass fed

I recommend my Primed clients in the Fort area to have their grass-fed beef due to the harmful effects grain fed beef can have on their system due to the gluten, anti-biotics and chemicals that can be found in some grain-fed meats.

Above is Grass fed beef tenderloin fillet with a light demi glaze sauce and served with roasted potatoes. NF, GF Php 850.

Of course the staff will gladly make this dish Primed by substituting the potatoes for a more nutritious, less blood sugar spiking side like roast vegetable medley.

Fabulous Grass Fed Primed Burger

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch

100% grass fed beef burger patties topped with Gorgonzola cheese, arugula and tomatoes NF Php 490

So as to make my Grass fed beef burger Primed the staff gladly substituted the bun and fries for extra vegetable and salad. It was as simple as asking. See here for information on the Primed Lifestyle and here for how easy it is to go Primed.

Great Primed and Vegan Options Available Too

Vegan at The Wholesome Table

Chef Jay and his great team of chefs will be launching a new menu shortly. Still the same great organic and tasty options but with even more Primed items on the menu to help feed your mind and body optimally whilst also limiting inflammation.

Great Ambiance

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch1

Sitting inside is comfortable and relaxing.  Dennis always smiles with his mouth open!  The interiors are so cozy and tastefully done.

The Wholesome Table interiors1

The Outdoor Area is Breezy and Cool

The Wholesome Table customers

These lovely ladies were delighted to be sitting next to two handsome, Primed gentlemen in Marc and I.  Well, that’s what we told ourselves any way!

Deliciously Refreshing and Nutritious Drinks

The Wholesome Table Be Fueled smoothie

I can never go past Be Fueled from their drink selection but there are many great, healthy beverages from which to choose.

Be Fueled consists of banana, raw cashews, dates, cacao nibs, coffee beans, vanilla Php 290
+maca +Php50  +hemp protein powder +Php40

The Wholesome Table smoothie

You will only find top notch ingredients in the drinks at The Wholesome Table.  No processed ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, additives and preservatives.

Nice Open Kitchen and Friendly Executive Chef Jay

Ask Chef Jay to make your dish Primed and he’ll gladly oblige. Thanks Chef.

Eat well at The Wholesome Table

Another Great Reason to Try The Wholesome Table

The advocacy of Chef Cyrille and I for Primed for your Life is three fold.

Firstly, we are passionately want to help people live better through their food, beverages, sleep, sun exposure, less stress and exercise.  

Secondly, we want to help people enjoy more time for life.

Thirdly, we want to promote and help businesses that also are passionate in helping their customers live better and longer lives.

We are delighted to find The Wholesome Table in the Fort, like Brasserie CiCou in Greenhills, share these ideals.

The Wholesome Table quote

The Mission and Advocacy of The Wholesome Table

The advocacy and mission of The Wholesome Table fits very well with our Primed Lifestyle in that it promotes grass-fed meat without artificial hormones and antibiotics, free-range poultry and eggs, wild caught seafood, no processed ingredients, no high fructose corn syrup, no artificial colors, flavors, sweeteners, additives and preservatives. It is all organic as much as possible and practical. That means optimal nutrition and reduced inflammation for your body and brain. Cool.

Bianca Elizalde Brings Passion to the Wholesome Table and Supports Local Farmers

Bianca the farmer

From the facebook page of The Wholesome Table: “From team Wholesome Table, and all the farmers you support when you dine with us. Because of you, they have every reason to keep doing what they’re doing– growing organic produce and raising natural, grass-fed meats and free range poultry.”  Very inspiring.  Lets keep the trend going.

Interesting Comparison and Worldwide Trend

CNN asks, ‘Is McDonald’s doomed?’ Business Insider declares that ‘McDonald’s Is Losing America’ as the company fires its own CEO. What’s happening? As it turns out, the world is starting to ask what they’re truly eating in their food — and the new conglomerate of natural grocers and restaurants are trailblazing the way into an entirely new economic environment. In other words: people are simply tired of shoveling garbage into their bodies, and they’re not going to put up with it anymore.  Great article from here.

Is It Really a Treat You Bought for Your Office Mates or Family?


Here’s just a few of the ingredients you can find in many fast food meals:

  • Dimethylpolysiloxane – A chemical known for its use in silicone breast implants, silly putty, and also… chicken nuggets
  • Propylene glycol – A laxative chemical and electronic cigarette filler that even e-cigarette companies are beginning to phase out
  • Azodicarbonamide – A chemical used in the creation of foamed plastic items like yoga mats. Article from here.

Where To Find The Wholesome Kitchen – at BGC and Soon to Open in Salcedo Village (yippie!)

The Wholesome Table directions

Contact Details:

The Wholesome Table facebook page and website

30th St Corner 7th Ave Bonifacio High Street Central, Taguig
867 0000 or 621 4111
See you there. Please feel free to leave your feedback about The Wholesome Table and Primed for your Life here as we would love to hear from you.

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