Primed Carbohydrates Thursday – Home-made Tomato Sauce

One of the keys to maintaining your healthy, nutrient dense Primed Lifestyle is in the planning and preparation.

Simply make extra when the opportunity arises so you have great food in the fridge and freezer for tomorrow.

Here is another wonderful Primed Carbohydrate to always have in your fridge and freezer. So tasty and versatile.


Lots of tomatoes
Lots of garlic
Lots of onions
Salt and pepper
Coconut oil



1. Simply cut your tomatoes, onions and garlic into small pieces.


2. Heat your pot, add your coconut oil then your onions and garlic and cook till soft. Then turn down your stove top heat and then add your chopped tomatoes and allow to simmer for 40 minutes or so.

Home-Made Tomato Sauce big pot

3. With this dish the more the merrier is a great principle to follow. Hence, make a big pot full of the Primed Home-Made Tomato Sauce and freeze what you will not use within the next 4 or 5 days.


Top 12 Ways to Enjoy Your Primed Home-Made Tomato Sauce

1. Add Malunggay to your Primed Home-made Tomato Sauce for extra nutrients to better fuel your mind and body.

Primed Tuna Lasagne

2. You can add your Primed Home-made Tomato Sauce into a bowl, add Chia Seeds and enjoy it as a cold soup.

3. You can use your Primed Home-made Tomato Sauce with your mince meat to make a Bolognaise Sauce to go with your Chili Zucchini Noodles.

4. You can use your Primed Home-made Tomato Sauce inside your Primed Vegetable Sheets Lasagne.

Primed Lasagne

5. You can use it on top of your Primed Gourmet Pizza Base.

6. Use your delicious and nutritious Home-made Tomato Sauce with your Malunggay Omelette with Turmeric.

7. You can use it with your Primed Re-Fried in Butter Omelette.

8. You can use it as part of your ingredients for your Primed Guacamole.

Home-Made Tomato Sauce Guacamole

Recipe to be posted soon.

9. You can also follow (and amend where necessary) this recipe from a great documentary/movie called Overfed & Undernourished.

Home-Made Tomato Sauce OU

10. Use your Primed Home-made Tomato Sauce on your Ukrainian Holubtsi (Cabbage Roll)

11. Use your Home-made Tomato Sauce with Chicken and Grilled Cheese. Yummy.

Tomato Sauce Chicken

12. Simply eat it cold straight out of the fridge or mix it in with any other quality Primed food ingredients you have. Quality ingredients equal delicious meals.

The Wholesome Table grass-fed meatballs

My favorite restaurant, The Wholesome Table, does an awesome Meatballs with Tomato Sauce. Read The Wholesome Table 10/10 review here.

The Final Word

Please share with us your variations on this simple sauce. How do you enjoy yours? Cheers.

7 thoughts on “Primed Carbohydrates Thursday – Home-made Tomato Sauce”

    1. Hi Fittoserve, Thanks for your comment. Yeah, we just became a little lazy and outsourced our nutrition to big companies and thought they could do a good job but they add too much sugar, preservatives and other harmful ingredients inside. So much easier and more satisfying to do it yourself. Cheers.

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