Primed Karla is Rocking Davao – 7 kilos lighter & feeling gorgeous

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Primed Javin Has Lost 3 Kilos & Found More Energy.

It was my first time to meet Primed Javin personally in Sto. Tomas in August but he had heard about the Primed Lifestyle through my talk to the NEH Philippines staff at their company outing in Samal and through colleagues.

Javin has noticed the following since going Primed:

  • Has a smaller guts with more than 3 kilos lost
  • Has a lot more energy
  • Has a much improved sleep
  • Has more fun playing basketball due to his improved energy
  • Does not miss eating less rice because he loves eggs
  • Will work on getting more sunshine on his body
  • Now knows that toxic veg oil, sugar, grains, soy and low fat crud is very, very bad for your health and longevity

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Primed Rey is an Ironman in My Eyes

Why would I give my hard earned Melbourne Ironman cap to Rey?

  • Because he rocks and will make the rest of his life the best of his life
  • He has a beautiful family and knows that the Primed Lifestyle will help them to have better lives

Rey is an excellent cook and helped make some beautiful Primed food for our Primed NEH Philippines Fiesta to celebrate the excellent success of the staff in Sto. Tomas:


Excellent job Rey. We all loved the healthy Primed food.

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Primed Erwin is Healthier and Happier

When I caught up with Erwin in July he had made some excellent changes and had some great health outcomes.

NEH Sto. Tomas Erwin

Primed Erwin has since improved even further with some excellent results:

  • His wife Stephanie and son Matthew are starting their own Primed journey now
  • Erwin is eating less rice
  • Erwin has more energy and feels even better than when I saw him in July
  • Erwin will start some eccentric gym exercise. Muscle is good to have as it is your fat burning machinery

The best measure of your health: 

  • is the size of your waist relative to your height (you definitely do not want much/any visceral belly fat)
  • Is the quality of your skin
  • Is the vibrancy and vigor in your eyes
  • Is the energy you have in the morning and afternoon
  • Is the quality of your sleep
  • Is your body shape
  • Is whether you have stomach or bowel issues
  • It is not about weight!


Primed Sitti Jane Has Saved A Lot of Money by Going Primed

Since i first met Sitti Jane when doing my first Primed seminar in Sto. Tomas for NEH Philippines she has come a very long way.

NEH Santo Tomas

Sitti Jane has so many great positives besides saving a lot of cash:

  • Sitti Jane is less hungry and very satisfied with her Primed food (especially eggs)
  • Sitti Jane feels lighter
  • Sitti Jane feels less sleepy and has more energy
  • Sitti Jane had some success with Herbalife but found it expensive, sometimes impractical and also stalled with her weight loss goals
  • Sitti Jane previously wasted time and energy counting calories which we never do once Primed
  • Sitti Jane might start some exercise and be more conscious of the timing of her eating
  • Sitti Jane loves having more energy at work and for her home life
  • Sitti Jane is very happy.


The Delicious Primed Fiesta We Enjoyed in Sto. Tomas


Primed Richel is Amazing & Helping So Many of Her Family and Friends

Richel is really thriving with her Primed lifestyle and helping a lot of other people.


Since I saw Primed Richel in July she had improved even further by August. I can hardly wait to see what September brings.🙂


Richel has:

  • Lost further kilos and is feeling energized
  • Loves the fact that she has more time to spend with her family
  • Sleeps a lot more easily and better (sleep is the key to having more energy)
  • No longer has insomnia
  • Loves eating eggs and seafood


  • Richel’s hubby Jessie is off his medicines
  • He is doing better than ever before
  • In total he has gone from 80 kilos to 63. Wow.
  • They are saving a lot of money because food has become his new medicine
  • Jessie’s sister has also benefited and no longer takes meds for arthritis. She has gained weight after previously being under-weight
  • The auntie, uncle and twin sister of Richel are also improving their health due to the inspirational Richel

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Happy is Loving Her Improved Energy & Confidence

Primed Happy is doing great in Sto. Tomas.


I was very impressed with Happy when I met up with her in late July 2016. Happy had improved energy and sleep.

However, Happy has taken that to another level since then and is doing even better now.

Dane 1

Happy is enjoying the following positive health outcomes since going Primed:

  • No longer has insomnia and is now sleeping earlier and better
  • Has skin that looks a lot more vibrant and glowing
  • Has noticeably more confident
  • Has more energy and zest for life
  • Is enjoying her day off a lot more due to being more energetic and less tired
  • Is loving her food with more quality carbohydrates in the form of green vegetables and limiting her less nutritious carbos in the form of rice

Sonia rice

Happy used to be grumpy, tired and sleepy on her days off.

However, now she is more energized to enjoy her friends, family and activities she enjoys. 

Happy has a better outlook on life and can fulfill her dreams. That rocks.

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