Frequently Primed Questions Answered

Hi Chad!

I’ve been seeing your posts on facebook (friend me here) and it really got me curious.
I have a list of questions so please bear with me. 🙂
1. How does one change from the regular diet to the primed lifestyle?
Please read this one:
The Primed Lifestyle is a lifestyle not diet. Food is #4 on my list of importance on the road to optimal health.

Basically I help you with knowledge and know how to last a longer and better lifetime. This incorporates the WHOLE family and is HOLISTIC.

2. I really love soy products, milk, cakes, chocolate, bread, pasta, etc. I have a sweet tooth and I love all kinds of dishes especially italian and korean. Once I go primed, are they totally banned?
I concentrate on the positives. What food will give you the maximum nutrition. Once you understand and feel this you will say “I used to love…..”. Food is only #4 as mentioned so we will have a plan to stop the unhealthy food cravings and you will not be hungry and thinking of food all the time any more.
Soy is estrogenic like a birth control tablet. Avoid that garbage. You will learn to unlove it and love foods that help you (not harm you).
Totally banned is not how we roll. We apply an 80:20 rule but once you know better you do better. With an improved brain you’ll make improved decisions for your short and long-term health. That is why I was able to give up all BOOZE. Yippie.
3. My mother also tries her best to go for the healthy alternative, but I dont like it when she uses coconut oil in cooking savory foods. It tastes like ‘latik’. Is your coconut oil tasteless and ordorless?
Yes, mine rocks and you do not notice it. You can use butter, ghee or even steam foods then add olive oil. The bottom line is that our brains are 65% fat and we need quality fats (never TOXIC veg oil). I teach you the context of when and where to enjoy certain foods.
Primed Centrifuged Organic VCO1
For Primed Organic VCO or Wellness Coaching text me at 0929-421-2148. Or email at Skype is primedforyourlife with hundreds of cool clients in 80 countries worldwide. Cool.
4. I only earn enough, will it be expensive if i go for primed lifestyle? How does this work? Will it be like coaching us?
You will save money seeing no drugs/meds, supplements, doctors, diagnostics etc required. You will stop buying garbage drinks and garbage food that make you hungrier so you will save money. Green local veg and eggs are not expensive. I show you how to live better and longer and you will save money. 
Optimal Primed Protocols eggs
It works by having us meet up (Mum too) then we negotiate a rate and terms you can afford (never more) then you start. Within a day you will feel better. 
Primed reverses

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