Butter Re-Fried Primed Omelette for Better Health and Weight Loss

Here is one of my favorite Primed egg recipes that you can prepare ahead of time to make your life easier. A lack of planning and forethought are usual reasons for taking a poor nutrition option. This way you are better prepared for life’s food challenges.

You can cook several Primed Omelettes with many Primed ingredients and simply re-fry in delicious butter the following day. Remember, quality fat makes you healthy and highly processed grains, sugar and vegetable oil make you unhealthy! Please see here for other items that are perfect to always have stocked in your fridge.

Here’s how my newly Primed client Etta described her re-fried Primed Omelette: “Delicious! I was so excited to wake up and have breakfast today. I felt so full and satisfied right up until lunch. Amazing. Thanks Chad.”


Primed for your Life Refried Omelette

8 quality eggs
cheddar cheese
salt and pepper
coconut oil

Primed for your Life Refried Omelette1


1. Heat your pan at a level of 8/10 and then add your coconut oil. Add extra coconut oil each time you fry your Primed Omelette so it doesn’t stick to the pan and for the wonderful health benefits of the coconut oil.

Primed for your Life Refried Omelette3

2. Add your whisked eggs that you have seasoned with salt and pepper. Allow to warm up and firm up on your pan and then turn your heat down to 6/10. Take your eggs off the heat and then add your spinach then cheese to only half of the eggs.

3. Once your eggs, spinach and cheese are firm enough on your pan use your spatula to flip half the omelette over.

4. I also made an omelette with just cheese only.

5. Then I made a super Primed omelette with turmeric, extra pepper, kimchi, spinach and cheese.

6. Always ensure you lubricate your pan well with coconut oil before laying down your eggs so you can easily flip the omelette in half once it has firmed up.

Primed for your Life Refried Omelette13

7. Put your omelettes aside , place into the fridge once cooled and re-fry in butter when you are ready to enjoy them for breakfast, lunch or dinner the following day.

Primed for your Life Refried Omelette14

8. When you are ready to re-fry your Primed Omelette ensure you use good quality butter (never plastic like margarine).

Primed for your Life Refried Omelette featued image

My beautiful daughter Lauren (who made me my stand up desk) loves it when her Primed Omelette is re-fried and especially when it is crispy on the edges.

Lauren's stand up desk1


1. You can use any ingredients you like inside your Primed Omelette such as kale, berries, malunggay, fresh tomatoes etc.

Malunggay and tomato omelette

See Chad’s Primed Omelette recipe here.

2. It is fantastic to add your Primed Omelette to your Primed Kimbap Wrap.

Kimbap Mackerel 1

3. This Primed Omelette has extra fat added to it. It has Coconut Oil, Butter, Eggs and Cheese.


4. When you eat a fabulously filling breakfast, lunch or dinner like this one you can easily skip your next meal because you are so full and satisfied. Especially if you have a side of bacon.


5. Butter vs. Margarine:


6. Pepper and turmeric are a perfect match:


7. I did my Coconut Oil pulling for the 15 minutes it took me to prepare my 3 Primed Omelettes for tomorrow’s breakfast.


8. Just eat real food. Breakfast cereal is not real but sugar loaded, blood glucose spiking, leaky gut promoting frankenfood.


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