OMELETTE of Wilted Kale, Onions and Mixed Berries

I have a confession to make. As the owner, manager and breakfast cook in my own restaurant in Brisbane for 3 years I never learned how to make an Omelette. It seemed too difficult. I made a great Eggs Benedict, Wood Fired Breakfast Pizza and a lot of other dishes, but I always avoided the Omelette.

After receiving a few good tips from Chef Cyrille I decided to give it a go one morning during our holiday in London. I am pleased to say that it went well and my 2 children loved it.

It is not such a difficult dish to do after all as you will soon see.


(1) 3 eggs (we choose Pamora Farm eggs as they are excellent quality
(2) 1 bunch of kale
(3) 1 onion
(4) handful of mixed berries
(5) salt and pepper
(6) olive oil

Method 1: Wilted Kale

(1) Wash your kale thoroughly in clean water
(2) Remove ribs (de-stem) kale leaf as shown in the picture below
(3) Cut kale into 1/2 cm strips
(4) Dice onions then saute in pan until translucent adding a pinch of salt and pepper
(5) Add kale to onions and cook for approximately 3 minutes until they are soft/wilted
(6) Set aside and don’t worry if you have a lot as you can use the wilted kale with other dishes (a Primed Chicken, Pork and Kale Adobo will be posted next week)

Method 2: Making the Omellete

(1)   Simply grab a pan like the one shown in the picture below. It helps to have the right sized pan and one that is non-stick

(2) Crack 3 fresh eggs into a bowl
(3) Add a pinch of salt and pepper
(4) Use a whisk or a simple fork to beat the eggs. Simply mix the egg yolk into the whites
(5) Heat your pan onto a medium heat setting such as 6 or 7 out of 10
(6)   Add some butter (or olive oil) and allow it to coat the pan (including the sides)
(7) Once your olive oil or butter has heated up a little (but not burnt) pour in your egg mixture
(8) Ensure it goes over the whole pan evenly
(9) Now, you need to watch intently and even tilt your pan occasionally to disperse the egg mixture evenly throughout the pan
(10) Once the mixture is cooking well it will begin to firm up. You are looking for the point where the base is cooked but the top is not. Not too runny but just a little
(11) Now is the time to sprinkle your wilted kale with onions and mixed berries over the omelette, but only on half of the omelette

(12) Leave it for a 30 seconds and remove from the heat
(13) Get your spatula and flip the half of the omelette without the toppings onto the half that has
(14) Your are done once you slide that delicious treat onto your serving plate

(1) There are many other wonderfully primed ingredients you can add to your omelette. Examples include tomatoes, caramelized onions, chives, spinach, ham, bacon, chicken and cheese to name a few.
(2) Remember, omelettes are an all day item that can be enjoyed hot or cold, with a salad and/or vegetables, and for lunch and dinner too.
(3) It is great to get your vegetables from producers you know and trust. I got my 2 bunches of kale from my friend Cathy Brillantes-Turvill of Nurture Spa. It was picked directly from their garden in Tagaytay. Visit the Nurture Spa website if you want to know more about their organic vegetables such as kale, Spa Treatments, Detox and Holistic Weight Loss packages, beautiful accommodation, corporate events or even a wedding reception.
(4) We buy our mixed berries from S&R in Fort Bonifacio and use them for many dishes such as Primed Mousse and as a topping for our delicious Banana Pancakes
(5) If you just want vegetables and no fruit in your omelette simply see below and do not include berries.

Our organic kale is from Nurture Wellness Village and frozen mixed berries from S&R.

I hope you enjoy!

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