Allow Yourself a “Cheat Day” (Not Week!)

27. Allow Yourself a Cheat Day (But Not a Whole Week!)

It is very difficult to always maintain your Primed Lifestyle in the face of all the food and drink temptations over the holiday period. Of course it can be made easier with more planning and knowing exactly why you are trying to feed your mind and body optimally.

There are tactics you can employ to over-come these temptations such as:

(1) Eat a very big and nutritious Primed breakfast such as an Omelette (add malunggay to make it super healthy) or Banana Pancakes;

Try these delicious Primed Muffins of Egg, Chicken and Cheese as well as Banana and Berry Muffin. Recipe to be posted soon but email me at if you would like the recipe already.

(2) Always have a snack of nuts, bananas or even dark chocolate on hand to eat before the pancit and fried lumpia arrives for afternoon snack);

(3) Drink more malunggay tea, green tea, water, coconut water and even black coffee to keep yourself feeling full; and

(4) Try intermittent fasting if the only other option is to eat food that you know is bad for you. Intermittent fasting is becoming popular lately and can be easily done by having your last meal as a nice lunch at 3pm and then eating again the following morning at 9am. It is said to boost cognitive function and reduce inflammation among other benefits.

However, if all else fails and you do eat too much or the wrong foods then do not beat yourself up.  Call it your cheat day but ensure that it does not become a cheat week!

Lastly, it is better to eat too much of the “right” food then the wrong foods such as deep fried food in heart attack inducing vegetable oil or cheap carbos like pizza, pasta and noodles. Featured image is courtesy of Paleohacks fb page here

Happy and safe holidays to all.

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