The Secret to Buffet Eating Without Getting Fat

Who doesn’t enjoy a nice buffet breakfast, lunch or dinner occasionally? I think most people enjoy this treat but are you doing it right? There is a way you can eat more without gaining more.


5 Hints on How to Eat Primed at a Buffet

1. Walk Around First

It is always good to move and walk more often, and a buffet gives you the perfect chance. Make sure you check out all of the offerings on the buffet before filling up your first plate. It is possible that you might miss one of your favorite items tucked away in the corner of the buffet.


2.Use Small Plates and Go Slow

I try to always use the salad plate instead of the biggest main plate available. This way I get more exercise as I might go to the buffet 5 or 6 times and you are less likely to overfill your plate with an item of food you do not like. Then if I find a dish I really enjoy I can go back for more.

3. Leave the Cheaper Items For Others!

The restaurants want you to fill up on the cheapest items available such as breads, rice, pasta and noodle dishes. It is better for them if you fill up on the less nutritious food items as you will have less room for the more expensive, primed items like seafood, meats, salads and seasonal vegetables.

4. Try Tea to Aid Digestion

If you fill up on beverages such as bottomless iced tea, soft drinks and beer which leave you bloated so you cannot eat as much and you will not enjoy your food as you should. Try a nice hot tea instead as this aids digestion and will not fill you up too much.

5. Delicious Dessert

There are not usually many desserts available at buffets that are Primed except for fresh fruits and nuts, but I have a suggestion. Why not leave room for a delicious piece of seafood as your dessert? I enjoyed a succulent and sweet lobster to end my meal at Cusina at Marco Polo. It was fresh, delicious and far superior to any of the desserts on offer.


The buffet restaurants we tried recently are Circles at Makati Shangri-La, Cusina at Marco Polo Ortigas, Vikings at SM Mega Mall and YakiMIX at the Podium, Ortigas.

Please share with us your favorite buffet restaurant and any other tips for getting more enjoyment from your buffet experience.

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