Benefits of Limiting Sugar and Grains – Real Life Story of Mae from WhenInManila

“It’s day 16 and I’m enjoying it! I believe I’m a REAL foodie now because I eat REAL food.” Mae from WhenInManila.

Just try limiting and eventually eliminating your sugars and grains and see what happens. Try it and you just might see some great changes such as the ones Mae is experiencing.

Benefits of a Primed Lifestyle:

1. Better Skin

Even my dermatologist said my skin is now less oily

Mae Primed1

2. You Appreciate Good Food More

Primed Lifestyle Kuala Lumpur edition Day 17: ate a plateful of this plus ginger chicken and dark soy beef stew. The veggies were super crisp fresh!

Mae Primed

3. You Get To Eat More and Weigh Less

Mae Primed5

Ate ALL these in 2 weeks and lost 2kgs! The Primed Lifestyle works!

4. You Get To Walk Around Great Food Markets for Your Fresh (Not Processed) Foods

Mae Primed3

Cooking up something quick and easy before heading home. We don’t really need a ref here as the town market is just a few steps away. We always get to use fresh ingredients. ☺ Fresh Taal Longanisa ftw!

5. You Walk More and Experience More Beauty in the World

Mae Primed4

Wherever life takes you… BLOOM.

6. You Rediscover Great Foods that You Didn’t Fully Appreciate Before

Good Fats! — eating pistachios.

7. You Can Still Go Out for Dinner and Eat Well

Mae Primed6

Great food at DON the GRILL Korean Restaurant. You can even enjoy a delicious buffet without getting fat!

8. You Don’t Feel Guilty About Getting Your Beauty Sleep

Less stress, good rest/sleep and healthy nutrition are the key elements to a healthy mind and body. Exercise is part of the equation, but as I am proving, it is just a small part.

Mae Primed7

9. You Get To Do Exercise Like Trail Walks/Runs

I have signed up to do a trail run on October 12th at the beautiful Sierra Madre mountains in Tanay Rizal. It will be great to experience nature and walk/run the trail. I think I better start training now!!

Pimco 21km trail run

10. You Enjoy More Time For Your Life

I feel energized. I am stronger and nap less. The Primed Lifestyle is like breathing new and fresher air. It is liberating as I know it is sustainable and I no longer have to be so conscious of my weight as I can eat more good food but weigh less.

Other Benefits Of a Primed Lifestyle Not Mentioned Above

– Better clarity of mind;
– Less stomach issues:
– No potential diabetes;
– Better bowel movements;
– Better teeth;
– Losing body fat;
– Better quality sleep;
– Less sickness; and
– Saving money through preventive maintenance.

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