Cold Thermogenesis Legend Status awarded to Mary and Lynn from Mordialloc #coldwatercoach

CT Legends of Mordiallic: Awarded to Lynn and Mary.


Lynn said: β€œThank you Chad. You have given me so much more inspiration than you will ever know πŸ’•.”

Thanks Mary and Lynn. Sam and I love you.

Mary said: β€œ”Chad darling !

Just wanted to thank you for introducing us to the cold water, and all the wonders the bay has to offer!


I have lived near water most of my life and never have I appreciated it as much as this year thanks to you. It has been amazing for mental health during the craziness, weight loss and pure relaxation!

I recently had lots of blood tests done and was told by my doctor β€œwhatever you are doing, just keep doing it.” πŸ˜ƒ ”




Mary and Lynn have introduced CT to their buddies like Terina. I am looking forward to meeting her. We all have fun and positive vibes in nature.


Images below are all from Mary Garrett-bond. Let her know you will buy her book when she publishes it. I will.

If you are up for a challenge like Mary and Lynn contact me at or 0434-100-564.

CT is big fun with huge health benefits. πŸ’•

Just ask Lynn and Mary. Just see them and their energy…..

Lynn and Mary went into the cold water because of their great friend Sam. Picture on top is from January 2020. Other pics below are from 2021.

Sam and I introduced Lynn and Mary to CT in around May 2020 and they both loved it straight away.


If interested in gaining more energy and vitality join us.

Just message me at 0434-100-564 or at

Become smarter, stronger, healthier and happier.

Judith Staples lost around 40 pounds and reversed hypertension easily.

Rona and Eric “Eruption” experienced enormous benefits.


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