Traveling Primed Without Getting Fat – 11 Cool Hints to Avoid Bagel Butt

Have Holiday Fun Without Getting Fat

Holiday excess! Two words we do not like at all. We all usually come home with excess baggage around our butts and waistlines from our holiday excesses. This is a usual occurrence after a great vacation where we return heavier than we left due to over-eating and drinking, and not getting enough exercise and/or sleep. Once you are leading your Primed Lifestyle it becomes easier to maintain as you will love the way you feel.

One of my favorite ways to stay motivated on a holiday is to bring a great healthy habits reading book like Wheat Belly from NY Times best seller Dr. William Davis and Keto Clarity from Mr Cool Jimmy Moore from Livin’ La Vida Low Carb Show.

Picture of ultra marathoner Andy Pope who ran 50km in sub 4 hours on Primed/LCHF.

Here are a few other hints on how to have a great Primed holiday that could leave you a little lighter in body, enriched in mind, and save you some cash as well.

Primed holiday12

11 Cool Hints for Not Returning with Excess Baggage on Your Butt or Waist

1. Planning – It Starts Before You Leave

Being healthy and fit is a lifestyle choice. We look for holidays with an element of adventure (Great Wall of China marathon for example) and one where you get to walk a lot and experience the country and its culture. We try to book accommodation with kitchens so we can prepare our own healthy meals and snacks (is usually less expensive too) and we always bring our running shoes and swim goggles just in case.

We booked a gorgeous 4 bedroom unit in Tuscany that had a pool and huge kitchen through for just $100/night.

2. Your First Challenge – Plane/Boat Food

If you know you have a long journey ahead with bad catering then eat a bigger, more nutritious meal before you leave. Bring healthy snacks like nuts along so you will not be tempted to eat the bread, pasta and dessert on the plane. I simply eat the salad, protein and a small piece of the cheese on the flight. If there is a sandwich I do not take it but then enjoy some of the snacks I prepared such as almonds and dried apricots. If the dessert looks particularly good then I will open it and appreciate the smell before putting it away!


It might also give you an opportunity to experiment with the Wolverine Intermittent Fasting or Restricted Eating Window technique where you skip a few meals after a very satiating one and simply drink water. It can be nice to actually experience “real” (not sugar induced hunger crash that leaves you HANGRY!) hunger, get a better sleep on the plane without waking to eat and get the fat burning, body and mind regenerating benefits that can accompany fasting.


3. Accommodation with a Kitchen

We try and book accommodations with a kitchen so we can mainly prepare our own food (airbnb and are our favorite). This is a lot more economical than always dining out. You also get a bigger fridge so you can buy, make and store healthy snacks like apples, carrots, boiled eggs and tuna and squash patties. We always have a good stock of bananas, nuts and dried fruits on which to snack.

4. Picnics

You cannot beat a nice picnic. The open air, the breeze, the sun, and nature calling out to you make them memorable. Simply get together your previously purchased cheese, dried meats, fruits and vegetables into a basket and head to a sunny place. We did this in the gorgeous Tuscan city of Siena.

Primed holiday3

5. Local Markets and Suppliers

We loved visiting and supporting the local markets and food purveyors. They are passionate and usually have great produce. You can often try some of their products before you buy to test for freshness and flavor. We bought some of the best dried meats, pork, avocados, strawberries, blueberries and tomatoes that I have tasted in a long time.

6. Dining Out

When dining out it is also quite easy to maintain your Primed Lifestyle. Simply inform the waiter that there is no need for bread to start with, ask for salad instead of the fries, ask to substitute the creamy dressing with a vinaigrette, ask for the burger with no bun and just look for items that incorporate protein and vegetables without the grains, sugars and less dairy. You can also eat very well at the buffet without piling on the kilos too by seeing these simple hints.

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch

Here is a picture of my Primed Burger without bun or fries. Delicious and more nutritious.

7. Walk A Lot

An added benefit of eating more nutritiously is that you will have more energy to walk around and experience the country you are visiting. Walking is the most economical mode of transport. This is essential in cities like Paris and London where a taxi is so expensive. We loved walking everywhere around the city and country side as you get to see and appreciate more. You meet the locals, have a chat and laugh, and get fitter too.

8. Bring your Own Utensils and Plates

We pack these items in our main luggage and this allows us to simply buy Spinach leaves, Tomatoes, Quality Dried Meats, Cheese (yum, I love cheese), Pate, Celery, Cucumbers etc. that allow you to eat nutritiously in your hotel room without opting for poor options should Primed ones not be available.

Look at some of the wonderful in room food you can have without ringing down for a Burger with a sugar spiking bun and artery clogging fries.

You can even create a delicious Primed Mango Chia Pudding.

9. Pack What You Can To Make Life Easier

We often pack our coffee, Primed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil, Beef Jerky, Nuts and Dark Chocolate. You can put it in your hand luggage if going for a short flight that allows it or even in your main suitcase. This might also save you money if travelling to an expensive destination.

10. Eat at the Breakfast Buffet and Eat A Lot, but of the Right Food

Eat real food like eggs, vegetables, bacon (yes bacon when good quality), smoked salmon, full cream Greek Yoghurt, coffee without milk or sugar (full fat cream is cool), in-season fruits, quality sausages and meats, cold cuts and cheese.

You’ll return with a bagel butt/belt if you eat the pastries, bagels, breads, sugary juices, juiced fruits, too much sweet fruit, rice, noodles, pasta etc. Avoid the processed packaged stuff and eat the real food.

Eggs for breakfast2

11. Your Life, Your Lifestyle

It is your holiday and a special time to relax with your family and friends. Still enjoy your favorite foods but perhaps limit your “cheat days” to once a week maximum. Instead of a cake each just share one together.

Primed holiday11

Sleep well so you have the energy to cook yourself a healthy and nutritious breakfast. With good fuel in your body you can walk more and enjoy the sights and sounds of your holiday destination. You have to plan and think ahead but it is possible to not over-indulge on your holiday and return with the dreaded excess baggage.

Remember though, should you return heavier than you left you do not have to despair. With a little exercise and a lot of Primed eating you can easily shed that excess baggage.

Contact me on 0929-421-2148 should you need a Wellness Coach to guide you.

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