Quality Food & Service Every Time at Hossein’s

We have been big fans of Hossein’s almost since we arrived in the Philippines 15 years ago. We have tried his branches in Makati, Greenbelt and Serendra and have never been disappointed with excellent food and service every time. No wonder Hossein now also has restaurants in Trinoma and Alabang.

The food is a fabulous combination of Persian, Arabian, Indian and Mediterranean.


The occasion for our visit was for Christian’s 13th birthday and we all counted it as one of the best meals we have had in a very long time. The quality of ingredients and cooking was outstanding.


Thank you for the Duo of Dips Hossein. I have known Hossein for the whole 14 years we have been going to his restaurants and was even lucky enough to teach his daughter at Enderun Colleges.


Borani Eggplant and Hummus

Traditional Levantine Arabic mezze of pureed garbanzos blended with Tahini paste, olive oil and Middle Eastern herbs and spices with pita bread. Served Solo / Share

We loved these flavorful dips and simply ate them without the Pita Bread. Easy.

The Greek Salad was so fresh, so delicious and truly memorable.


Greek Salad – The classic summer Greek salad of feta cheese, lettuce, cucumber and tomatoes dressed with a Greek spiced infused lemon vinaigrette. Served Solo / Share / Family

Also very tasty was the home-made yoghurt with cucumber. It is tasty on its own and perfect with the Lamb to accompany our main course.


The highlight was our Supreme Kebab I – A Persian platter fit for a king: Persian lamb chop, lamb kebab, shrimp tandoori and saffron chicken served with saffron rice and biryani rice. All items were tender, succulent and truly amazing. We loved it and will order this again every time it is so good.


Next time I want to try this:

Stuffed Kebab

Chicken or tenderloin stuffed with a medley of pureed vegetables, cheese and Persian herbs and spices, delicately skewered and then grilled to perfection.

Hossein stuffedchicken

The ambiance is excellent in all of the Hossein Restaurants with the staff very knowledgeable and friendly.


The Final Words

If you are looking for quality Primed food that is well priced, served in a pleasant atmosphere by excellent staff then just go to any one of the 6 venues of Hossein.

Hossein Outlets

Visit their website here: www.hosseins.com

Like their facebook page here.

Head Chef: Hossein

Cuisine: Fine Dining Halal Middle Eastern, South Asian and Mediterranean

Hours: 11:00 AM to 12:00 MN

Did you know?

That the Kebab Dish is believed to be invented by medieval Persian soldiers who used their swords to grill meat over open-field fires.


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