5 Most Popular Primed Restaurant Reviews for 2015

1. The Wholesome Table is Simply Awesome – 10/10

The food is always good and my children love their drinks.

I am also a fan of the owners Juan and Bianca Elizalde. They rock. You will not find white sugar or artery clogging vegetable oils on their premises. Why? Because they genuinely care for their customers and use coconut oil.

Love it that there is now a branch near us at Capitol Commons (as well as BGC and Salcedo Village).

2. Fig Mediterranean Restaurant -A Must Try in Makati

Fig Restaurant1

3. Earth Kitchen

4. Chihuahua Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar Is a Local Favorite

5. Hosseins

We have always enjoyed the great quality food at Hossein’s. Even better when the great man is there to say hi too.

Where is your favorite restaurant to enjoy Primed quality cuisine?

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