Support Earth Kitchen and Support Local Farmers and Indigenous Communities

Earth Kitchen has opened a second branch in the Fort by popular demand. Their other branch in White Plains, QC is very popular and well loved by many.

Earth Kitchen locations

They have always been known for excellent, healthy, sustainable food that supports local farmers and indigenous communities. This collage was taken from their facebook page linked here: Earth Kitchen.

Earth Kitchen

We went to Earth Kitchen BGC as a belated birthday lunch for Christian who just turned 13.

Earth Kitchen featued image

We loved all our food and found it to be excellent value-for-money. We were guests of Pinky but Earth Kitchen is very affordable with our two salads of Grilled Vegetable Salad (Php 300) and Pomelo Salad (php 360) being large and extremely tasty.

Earth Kitchen food4

Their Soups looked to be really nice with the options being Curried Squash Soup (pumpkin, yoghurt, mint – Php 190), Smoked Tomato Soup (organic smoked tomatoes, cream, gremolata – Php 235) and Fresh Mushroom Soup (organic shitake, button, milky and abalone mushrooms – Php 200).

Earth Kitchen food14

Being Primed, their Home-made pasta, risotto and soft tacos did not appeal to us but we had plenty of excellent Main Courses from which to choose.

Lauren and Christian were over the moon with their Beef and Chicken Kebab (php 410 and 390 respectively).

They were grilled to perfection and were accompanied with an Ifugao rice they loved. We had a wonderful time when we went to visit the people of Ifugao in Bataad many years ago.


Earth Kitchen food

I ordered Braised Bacon with Red Cabbage (no marble potatoes thank you) and it was marvelous.

Earth Kitchen food6

This dish is a winner and worth travelling to BGC or White Plains to savor.

I knew this dish from dining with my buddies Precious and Mikel at Kitchen 56 by Earth Kitchen in Jupiter Street (which they closed so as to move to the Fort).

Who doesn’t love ice cream?

Unless it is totally Primed (with coconut milk and no added sugar except coconut sugar) then ice cream is usually not part of the Primed Lifestyle. However, we follow the 80/20 rule of not stressing about food and occasionally “cheating”. I personally never cheat with harmful grains seeing they make give me stomach cramps but an ice cream once a year is cool with me. Especially when it is goat’s cheese ice cream!

Earth Kitchen food10

Natasha and I had Goat’s Cheese Ice Cream with wild honey, dried figs and cashew nuts.

Earth Kitchen food12

Our darlings loved their Tablea which is home-made carabao tablea ice cream, chocolate chip cookie crumble.

See a sample of their menu below. Of course it will evolve and be updated over time with the solid basis of fresh ingredients cooked with care evident.

Earth Kitchen – BGC Menu

The ambiance inside Earth Kitchen BGC is relaxing and cozy.

They even have a private room for business meetings and corporate presentations.

Our family also liked the Fresh Dalandan Juice.

Earth Kitchen food dalandan

Thank you for inviting us Pinky. We really loved the food and had a great time.

Earth Kitchen3

Every time you dine with your children/family it is an opportunity to support great local businesses and to help teach them how wonderful real food can be. Please, for the sake of your health and yours, just eat real food with real flavor.

Earth Kitchen2

I highly recommend Earth Kitchen as a fabulous and affordable venue for you to not only eat tasty food, but to try new food, support excellent local and indigenous communities, and also support the growth of this sustainable way of living and eating.

Earth Kitchen1

Most of their products are also available in Got Heart shops.

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