What is the Primed Lifestyle?

THE PRIMED LIFESTYLE It is unique to every individual. You need to experiment and discover yours.

This is why I called it Primed for your Life. It is getting the best fuel (food, beverage, sun light, play, exercise and sleep) for your body so you can live a better and longer life.

Primed reverses

I will share what is my Primed Lifestyle in the hope you discover your own.

We try to minimize stress and maximize our enjoyment of life so also adhere to a rough 80/20 rules that allows for some flexibility within the Primed Lifestyle.

Simply put, The Primed Lifestyle is about eating real food to maximize your nutrients and minimize your inflammation. This then helps you maintain a constant blood sugar level within an optimal range so you can enjoy more time for life.

A strong motivating factor in the Primed Lifestyle is ensuring we mirror the health and happiness we want for our children.

Over-fed and under-nourished61

Please listen to Primed for your Life being featured on That Paleo Show here.

This one too from Primed Mike Grogan.

Mike healthy

Our Primed Lifestyle involves adhering to the following as much as possible:

1. Eating nutrient dense foods like seafood, eggs, protein, vegetables (especially green but not peas, beans and potatoes), fruits, nuts (not peanuts as they are legumes), good oils like olive, coconut, avocado and macadamia. It is about eating quality, natural food;

Optimal Primed Protocols featured image

2. Drinking healthy drinks like water (a glass first thing in the morning and before bed), green tea, lemon water, coffee (without milk or sugar) and coconut water;

Optimal Primed Protocols water1

3. Not eating processed, unnatural food that lacks natural vitamins and minerals:

(a) Not eating grains based foods (which includes bread, rice, pasta, cereals and flour based products). These manufactured products lack the nutrient density of vegetables. Vegetables are a far superior source of carbohydrates;

(b) When using limited sugar we use coconut sugar and not cane sugar or corn syrup;

(c) Limiting consumption of dairy products such as milk (quality cheese is a quality fat we enjoy);

(d) Never toxic vegetable/seed oil;

Toxic veg oil

(e) Not soy unless it is fermented and then only in moderation;

Soy Very Dangerous

(f) Reducing consumption of foods with artificial colors, flavors and preservatives.

We aim for pure, whole foods as much as possible and consciously read the back of purchased goods to check the ingredients listed;

Optimal Primed Protocols fake food

4. Not drinking sugar drinks like soft drinks, sports drinks, iced tea, fruit juices etc. Not drinking beer (it’s made from grains), spirits and limiting wine;

5. Getting more sunshine on your body for the vitamin D benefits;

Optimal Primed Protocols sunshine1

6. Getting a better quality sleep by reducing TV at night, computer screen glare before bed and ensuring your sleeping area is cool and as dark as possible;

7. Using your muscles more often by lifting things, perhaps going to the gym, doing push-ups at home etc.Preferable to do outdoor activities though;

8. Moving more. Like walking, jogging, sporting activities if you can, but definitely being more active and less sedentary;

9. Reducing your stress by smiling more, introducing more gratitude strategies into your life, and being more mindful of the beauty in your environment;

10. Having more fun and playtime (also reduces stress). It is true that laughter is the best medicine so smile and enjoy life;

11. Using your brain more by doing puzzles, reading, listening to podcasts, learning a new skill or language etc.;

12. Looking after your family (family is anyone close to you). Such as, don’t text when someone is talking to you, listen properly and with your undivided attention and giving them the priority they deserve;

13. Being safe by not doing anything against your health, family or work. Such as smoking, drinking/texting whilst driving, riding a bike without a helmet etc.;

14. Enjoying the very simple pleasures in life, like good food that is shared with good company.

My Inspiration and Motivation is my family and to Help other families live longer and better.


Please email me at chad.davis.1@gmail.com or text me at 0929-421-2128 if you want to get healthier and happier. 


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