Almond Milk is a relatively easy recipe to do and is a great alternative to regular milk. 


(1)   Almonds (100 grams)
(2)   Water (1.5 liters)


(1)   Soak almonds in water in fridge overnight. Just use enough water to cover your almonds
(2)   Drain water before using, add fresh water (1.5 liters) and almonds into blender, then blend

Almond Milk2

Almond Milk1

Additional: Almond milk is:

(1)Great with coffee
(2)Great with Iced Coffee concoctions
(3)Great in fruit smoothies. (See my DIY Pink Fruit Smoothie)
(4)Also good for Cauliflower “rice” recipe
(5)Almond milk is rich in protein, vitamins, zinc, iron, and fiber. Furthermore, flavonoids in almonds are said to decrease bad (HDL) cholesterol levels in your body.

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