When it’s a hot day in the Manila it can be very refreshing to enjoy a delicious and nutritious fruit smoothie.

A healthy fruit or vegetable smoothie can be a quick and convenient start to the day if you are pushed for time, or even a wonderful mid-morning snack.

Fruit Smoothie


(1) Almond milk (see previous recipe)
(2)10 Frozen strawberries
(3)3 Frozen bananas (peeled the night before and put in freezer)
(4)Table spoon of virgin coconut oil
(5)Table spoon of honey or maple syrup
(6)A dash of cinnamon


(1)Add ingredients (2) to (5) to almond milk in blender
(2)Blend well, taste, add extra water if too thick


(1)An alternative to almond milk is coconut milk
(2)A table spoon of chia seeds can also be added


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