Cheap Eats That are Tasty and Healthy – Tuna and Squash Patties

Eating more nutritiously does not necessarily mean it will cost you more. Tuna and squash patties cost less than 20 pesos per pattie.

Canned tuna is a product most people have in their pantry and is often an emergency dish that is combined with rice. However, you can easily create Tuna and Squash Patties that are healthy and suitable for breakfast, snack, lunch or dinner. They are delicious by themselves and also goes well on top of a salad, with kimchi and pickled cucumbers.

Tuna Patties3


(1) 3 cans of tuna (we prefer Century Tuna Chunks in Water and not Vegetable Oil)
(2) 4 eggs
(3) piece of squash
(4) 4 cloves of garlic
(5) 2 onions
(6) bunch of parsley
(7) coconut flour – 1/2 bowl
(8) salt and pepper


(1) Grate your squash into a separate, large container
(2) Break up your tuna into small peices with a sturdy spoon
(3) Chop your onion and garlic into small pieces or even grate them like you did your squash
(4) Rough chop your parsley
(5) Whisk your 4 eggs in a container (add salt and pepper to mixture)
(6) Mix in your chopped onion and garlic into your grated squash. Now add your tuna pieces and stir into mixture.
(7) Add parsley and whisked eggs into the mixture.
(8) Add coconut flour and stir all together to a consistency similar to the picture featured below right.

(9) Use a large plastic spoon as a measure for the pattie by filling it with your pattie mixture.
(10) Place large spoon full of pattie mixture onto pre-heated fry pan with olive or coconut oil.
(11) You can easily mold the mixture into a round pattie shape and use the spoon to make the pattie the same thickness through out.
(12) Allow to cook on one side before flipping to cook the other side. Once browned and cooked, remove from pan and place onto plate for serving.


(1) Tuna is very high in Omega-3 fatty acids which are good for healthy hearts, joints and skin.
(2) Other vegetables that you can also use include sweet potato and zucchini.
(3) Besides using coconut flour as suggested above, you can also add chia seeds and/or almond flour to your pattie mixture (this will make the pattie cost more)
(4) Tuna and Squash Patties are a great accompaniment to a breakfast with friends when you also have Banana Pancakes with Home-made Coconut Flour, Primed Eggs Benedict, Omelette with Kale and Berries, Primed Mousse and Pink Fruit Smoothie.

Tuna Patties12

16 thoughts on “Cheap Eats That are Tasty and Healthy – Tuna and Squash Patties”

  1. I am going to invest and buy an oven this year.I am not much of a good cook but that may just change once I start cooking this simple recipe.

    Thanks for this sharing this post and keep inspiring.

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