Primed Home-made Coconut Flour – Healthy, Inexpensive and Easy to Make

The Primed Lifestyle involves quite a few dishes using coconut milk, flour and oil. The best quality and least expensive way to get the coconut milk and flour is by yourself. It is easy, inexpensive and good exercise! Here’s how:

Go To Your Local Farmer’s Market Like Cubao

Choose a Clean Store and Choose a Nice Set of Coconuts to be Ground Down

Then The Dessicated Coconut is Squeezed to Get Coconut Milk

Coconut Flour Primed for your Life5

Don’t Forget to Get the Dessicated Coconut to Make Your Flour Later On

Don’t Forget to Get a Picture for Instagram!

Coconut Flour Primed for your Life Featured Image

Bring the Coconut Milk and Dessicated Coconut Home and Put the Milk into the Freezer

Now The Fun Begins as You Get More Milk From Your Dessicated Coconut

Coconut flour6

Put your dessicated coconut into a strainer and run warm water through it. Here you want to rinse the extra milk out of the dessicated coconut and dry the dessicated coconut as much as you can.

You will have extra milk to put in your freezer (great for curries, smoothies etc.).

Coconut Flour Primed for your Life Milk

Put your dessicated coconut on a tray to be placed in an oven on low heat.

Coconut Flour Primed for your Life Dessicated

Slowly Cook Your Dessicated Coconut in the Oven and Stir Every 15 minutes

Coconut Flour drying

Cook the dessicated coconut slowly in the oven at around 150 degrees. You need to stir it so it dries evenly without being burnt or toasted. We simply want it dried out so we can grind it into flour.

Now the Grinding Begins

Coconut Flour Primed for your Life11

On the left is the dessicated coconut. On the right is the finer coconut flour that has been ground into smaller pieces after spending a little time in the small grinder. Sometimes grinders are a separate attachment to your blender.

Using and Storing Your Dessicated Coconut and Coconut Flour

Coconut flour4

We left some dessicated coconut out and froze it. We can then use this when pan-frying sliced saba bananas in coconut oil with coconut sugar after dipping in egg wash.

We put some coconut flour in the fridge for using later for Primed Banana Pancakes, Brownies, Salmon Patties and other dishes. We also froze some Coconut Flour.

Great Things TO Do With Coconut Milk

Smoothie lunch

Delicious Smoothie with Green Veg, Frozen Berries, Saba Banana and Coconut Milk

Thai Green Chicken and Vegetable Curry

Chia Berry Coconut Milk Magic featured image

Primed Berry Chia Dessert


Great Things TO Do With Coconut Flour

Primed Banana Pancakes

Banana pancakes w coconut flour

Primed Tuna Patties

Primed Banana Berry Cake

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