6 Top Shelf Primed Cravings Busters

We all get cravings for foods that we know are not optimal for the health of our mind and body. That is normal and expected. Hence, let’s combat those urges head on with some Primed Cravings Busters.

From my Melbourne Ironman buddy Samantha Louise: Thanks Primed for your Life and Chad Davis craving of comfort sweet again satisfied with your famous Primed Banana Pancakes!


Banana Pancakes rock as a snack as you can make a big batch of 50 and leave it in the fridge for breakfast, snacks or even dinner.

Banana pancakes w coconut flour

If you are on a budget then make your own coconut flour instead of Almond meal/flour.

5 Other Great Primed Cravings Busters

1. Primed Cheese and Tomato Omelette or Primed Kimchi Omelette

These beauties tastes great cold or you can just re-fry it in butter so as to soak extra quality fat into it. Yum. Remember, fat makes you skinny whilst low-fat and grains make you sick, hangry and stimulate your appetitie to eat more of these GMO non-foods. See how to make an omelette the French way here.

2. Boiled Eggs Rock

You can use your boiled egg in a salad or just add something tasty like a semi-dried tomato on top. Delicious, filling and nutritious. See how we boil and peel ours easily here.

3.Primed Cinnamon Iced Coffee with Coconut Milk

4. A Shot of Coconut Oil

Primed Organic Centrifuged Virgin Coconut Oil1

Check this out for some other great uses for your Primed Organic Centrifuged Virgin Coconut Oil.

5. Retzel Smoothie

It is always great to invest in a good quality blender. Even have a portable one that you can take with you on holidays. This way once you fill up the blender with some green vegetables, some water, some coconut milk, some cinnamon and a banana or frozen berries you have a rockingly nutritious and delicious smoothie to keep those tummy gurgling monsters at bay.

6. Cheese and Quality Cold Cuts and Liver Pate

We always stock quality cheese like Australian Cheddar, Brie and American Cream Cheese in our fridge and then enjoy it with celery, cucumber slices, liver pate or quality cold cuts.

The Final Word

Please try and stock quality ingredients in your fridge. Be prepared and think ahead and you’ll have no worries in avoiding eating those rubbish foods.

Primed Pantry & Fridge Items Every Day

Stock good ingredients and have no bad ones and you are well on the way to success.

Wheat sucks2

Knowledge is power so remind yourself that the grains, sugar and veg oils are poison that are really not fit for a healthy human being to consume.

Be aware that when you eat these sugary items (grains are sugar in your body) you are setting off a complex “sugar addiction” cycle that is tough to beat.

Sugar addiction

This is the way to live:

Dr. Ted Naiman - Eat Fat not sugar8

Keep your household like this and your hunger and cravings will subside. You will start eating to live and fighting disease with your food and not feeding it.

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