Primed Retzel Avocado Green Smoothie

Avocados are a wonderful source of good fats. Along with Coconut products it is one of the most sought after ingredients for people looking for nutrient dense ingredients to optimally feed their body and mind.


Avocados are delicious straight up, with balsamic vinegar & sea salt, and also as part of a dish with other quality ingredients such as cream cheese, pork, kale with anchovies and grilled cheese mushrooms.

Here is a delicious and filling Primed Smoothie named after my triathlon and trail running buddy Retzel Orquiza.

Retzel Smoothie1


1/2 avocado
Handful of spinach
Handful of parsley (optional but the greener the better)
2 Saba bananas
2 table spoons of Cacao powder
cup of water (can add more to make smoothie less thick)
2 cups of coconut milk
Other ingredients could include malunggay, quality honey and mixed berries

Retzel Smoothie


(1). Your Primed Retzel Smoothie is best consumed after your morning exercise done in a fasted state. Hence, upon waking, drink two glasses of water but hold off on your Primed Retzel Smoothie until after your morning walk, run, swim, bike or gym routine. This way you practice exercising in a fat burning state and you’ll appreciate your mid-morning food or beverage even more;


(2). Add all your ingredients into a blender and blend. It is best to avoid pure juicing as you tend to lose the fiber but with the same sugars.

(3). Blend till smooth but also ok to enjoy chunky style with a little bit of chewing going on.

Alkaline foods

(4). You can add ice cubes to make it even cooler if you wish or ensure your added water is cold, coconut milk is from cubes stored in the freezer, or by adding frozen berries.


(1) You can also make a double portion with the first portion to enjoy it Primed Smoothie style.

You can also add some to a bowl with extra chia seeds and eat it Primed Chilled Soup style.

Chewy Smoothie

(2) Some more great reasons to incorporate avocados into your weekly meal plan.

Avocado great saturated fat



And the final word:


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