Cool Primed Menu Plan for Larry and Bonnie

Larry and Bonnie are cool members of our Cold Thermogenesis and Positivity tribe. We love them and they love us.

I recently made a couple of dishes for Larry to try as a thank you to him for him getting Bonnie to be our first Cold Water Dog Coach.

*** Larry said “From having a water phobia Bonnie now loves the sea and can swim.” “Bonnie has never looked better and is no longer on anti inflammatory meds.”

1. Primed seafood and vegetable Kinilaw.

Can add avocado, cheddar cheese, assorted seafood, poached eggs, kimchi, grapefruit, goats cheese…..

2. Kimbap wrap of seafood, cream cheese, kimchi, cucumber, carrots, lettuce, omelette……

3.Mackerel, tomato, onion, olives, jasmine rice, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce and love.

4. Primed seafood or free range chicken frittata

5. Butter fried avocado, virgin coconut oil garlic chips and assorted vegetables like mushrooms, tomato, onions etc.

6. Simple yet delicious and nutritious

7. Eggs rock

8. Bagna Caude Sauce dishes

9. Pumpkin dishes

10. Sardine dishes

11. Cabbage carbonara

12. Vegetable patties and Tomato Cups

13. Primed Vegetable and Seafood Lasagne

14. We will use only real food made by sunlight / Photosynthesis.

Never toxic veg oil like canola, no GMO soy, nothing low fat (deuterium bombs), no glyphosate poisoned grains, limited fruit (high in sugar and deuterium and low in energy), limited legumes (hard to digest) and less food after dark for better circadian rhythm.




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