Mexican Restaurant Si Senor Balaclava rocks. Eat Drink Love Taco. 10 / 10.

After a fun 10km afternoon walk Lauren, Christian and I were hungry and looking for great Mexican food, drinks and service.

We were extra hungry after doing cold thermogenesis with Larry and Bonnie in the morning.

#coldwatercoach #coldwaterdogcoach

Luckily Sam had recommended we try a Mexican restaurant called Sisenor Balaclava which is just 500 meters from our St. Kilda home.

See their fb page here:

We loved their tacos on Tuesday. Lauren said their Burrito was great. My tacos included prawns, lamb, pulled brisket and chorizo sausage.

Their sweet potato fries were so tasty.

I had a margarita which was excellent.

Thanks for the recommendation Sam. Their courtyard rocks.

You, Stef, Lynn, Mary, Luay and I should go there.

We will invite our entire Cold Thermogenesis and positivity group.



If interested in gaining more energy and vitality join us.

Just message me at 0434-100-564 or at or

We go out whether it rains or shines. Your pooch needs nature.


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