Cold Water Dog Coach #coldwatercoach

There are tremendous benefits for the health of you and / or your dog by getting into the ocean / cold water / cold air.

Besides the sun’s energy, grounding energy, the serenity of nature and smells of the sea there are other HUGE advantages for your health and wellbeing.

You and / or your dog can benefit from cold thermogenesis/ therapy:

CT improves your sleep which improves your life (sleep = life = sleep). CT improves autophagy during sleep which is where you replace bad mitochondria in the cells.

  1. CT can improve your strength and stamina.
  2. CT increases the dopamine (feel good hormone) levels in your brain the same way sunlight can. Hence, cold climate people are meant to be exposed to the cold and get their dopamine hit this way. Hot climate people are meant to be exposed to the sun’s heat and light and get their dopamine there. Dopamine is critical as it helps your brain function optimally and aids better decision making. *** Your dog will smile more.
  3. CT speeds wound healing by improving your immune system.
  4. CT helps with quicker recovery from exercise aches and pains.
  5. CT can help reverse Type 2 Diabetes due to helping reduce blood sugar levels in your body. CT also helps to cut food cravings which aids in regular intelligent fasting.
  6. CT can reduce chronic pain.
  7. CT leads to activation of your sympathetic nervous system.
  8. CT feels good as it increases blood level of beta-endorphin.
  9. CT increases the powerful anti-oxidant glutathione.
  1. CT electrically stimulates peripheral nerve endings to the brain which could result in an anti-depressive effect.
  2. CT allows you to produce greater energy in your mitochondria due to better protein tunneling due to less distance traveled.
  3. Cold ( and the sun ) are used to improve electrical current in your body. CT also improves your magnetic current in your body.
  4. Cold can turn white fat into brown fat. Your body fat is fuel that can be burned when you expose yourself to cold.
  5. CT is as simple as walking along the beach with bare feet / paws. CT can improve your metabolic rate by up to 350% and dopamine by 250%.
  6. CT is great at any time of the day and even 10 minutes is of benefit.

The benefits of being in nature and improving your resilience are enormous. This will improve your immune system functioning naturally.

Brad, Zina, Bonnie and I love Cold Thermogenesis.

Lauren is the favourite of Bonnie.

Gone swimming. Bonnie and Larry now love swimming together. The colder the better.

From Cold Thermogenesis champ Dr. Jack Kruse: 

“CT increases your magnetic sense, it makes you thermodynamically better, it makes you much better able to sense the magnetic field where you live and it increases the amount of tissue oxygenation and improves your breathing.”

Should say through the soles of ones feet or paws.

*** Also through our palms when hugging a tree, touching the earth or even patting a grounded dog.


If interested in gaining more energy and vitality join us.

Just message me at 0434-100-564 or at

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