Primed Mariano Family Thriving in Iligan City

There is nothing better than helping people. Nothing.

Happy helps someone

However, to help others you MUST help yourself and get your life and health  in order first.

The Mariano family is a wonderful example. Avril, Doi, April, Estelle, Noelle, Dr. Victor and Belen are all committed to their Primed Lifestyle. They are determined to help themselves but equally determined to help others. That is MAGIC.

From Avril: “I’m happy to say that everyone in my family is more committed now in following the program.”

Mariano Home-cooked specialties in Iligan9

What Avril said about our Primed Mariano 4-course dinner on Monday July 11th: 

“The ones who attended cant stop talking about it
And slowly started adapting to introducing real food in their diet.  A lot has asked when you are coming back and if we will do another dinner 😉
I must say, you have brought so much awareness and change to the families of those who attended. Thank you.”

Avril Mariano

Avril has lost more than 6 pounds already, has more energy throughout the day, has better skin, more vibrancy and a peace-of-mind in knowing she is going to make the rest of her life the best of her life.

Iligan Waterfalls rock

Doi Mariano

Doi has already lost 6 pounds in less than 3 weeks. Doi has a lot more energy, has a more vibrant face with better skin (even his girlfriend noticed via skype). Doi loves a beer but with his improved habits he is not consuming much any more.

Doi and Avril are excellent in the kitchen of Mariano Home-cooked Specialties. It is little wonder that their fabulous restaurant will soon be 4 years old. See their Primed Mariano Spaghetti Squash recipe here.

RN Belen

Belen is new on her journey but her body is working better with improved movement in her joints of her fingers. Belen is feeling lighter and better than ever. This is after just a few weeks Primed. Imagine the effect in 1 year? Very cool.

Mariano Home-cooked specialties in Iligan4

April and Estelle

From Avril: “April is following the program more religiously now and enjoying the benefits. Even her students are enjoying their real foo.”
April Mariano
Estelle has not had any tantrums the past 3 days because we don’t feed her anything with sugar anymore. She still eats rice though (is that ok?)” From Chad – “Yes, but with more eggs, cheese and quality carbohydrates.”

Dr. Victor and Estelle

Dr. Victor

From Avril: “Dad is doing great, Chad. He is also educating the parents of his patients about how bad sugar is for the kids.” From Chad – “Grains are sugar in your body but are actually poisoned with glyphosate before harvesting.”

Iligan top docs

Noelle Mariano

From Avril: “Noelle (my other sister) has also started. I believe you will meet up with her on Tuesday.”

Noelle mariano

I met Noelle today and having just started Primed a few days earlier already is not craving rice like she used to. We have a cool strategy in place for her. Every Primed person has a unique circumstance that needs to be taken into consideration.

From Avril: “One of my wait staff, Rommel, is also following the program. Still adjusting but very committed.”


See the facebook page of Mariano’s Home-cooked Specialties here:

Marianos crab

“Deep fried spanner crab (curacha) with garlic, chili and olive oil.”

The Final Word:

Dane 1


Dane 1


Other “conventional” advice to ignore includes:

  • hiding from the sun;
  • putting on lots of sunscreen;
  • sports drinks are good for you;
  • fruit juice is healthy;
  • more is better at the gym;
  • drugs will fix my problems; and
  • abs are made in the gym (they are made in the kitchen!).

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