Running Safety in Polluted Manila

I have always thought people wearing masks were a little bit “different”. I thought I would never be a masked wearer.

However, after running 16km one night from Pasig/Ortigas area (near Capitol Commons and Ultra) to Bondi & Bourke in Legaspi Village then home again with the mask on I was converted. See image below of what should be a white cover.

5 run safety tips4

I have since run to and from my house into Makati at varying times of day and also on the weekend. I minimize running on Edsa by using side roads in Rockwell area, the Fort and along Pioneer. As you can see, the results are shocking.

5 run safety tips3

The mask I use was given to me from Primed Bill Co with other varieties available in the market.

5 run safety tips1

I will always use my mask now as I do not want my mode of transport to hasten my early demise.

How I Run:

Hence, besides my mask, I always now wear sleeveless tops to maximize the Vitamin D I need from the sun. I often oil pull using Primed Organic VCO under my mask and always listen to a great, educational podcast like this one whilst running: Mike Grogan’s Best of You regarding Primed secrets to being healthier and happier.

Running man gear

Who can we thanks for having such an incredibly polluted city?

Previous administrations and businesses that do not value green space, do not value clean air, do not value efficient public transport and do not value the well-being of their people. I am confident/hopeful that the Philippine leaders will one day value these city essentials.

In Australia all cities have an abundance of parks as shown here in Brisbane’s New Farm park.






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