Primed Secrets to Being Healthier and Happier on The Best of You Podcast with Mike Grogan and Chad

It was a joy to be featured on one of the best podcasts coming out of the Philippines. Mike Grogan is the cool host of the fabulous podcast called The Best of You.

Mike also started his Primed journey the day of the podcast with his amazing results to be shared soon.

Just to give you an insight into Mike’s results compare the two pictures of Mike below (the one with the Primed logo on it is his latest picture) and see his comment here:

Mike Grogan – “Thank you Chad Davis this is a very powerful interview … you have been a game-changer for me … we need more people to begin their Primed journey.”

Episode 68: Primed for Health with Chad Davis

Listen here: 45 minutes or by clicking on the heading above. You can also download from itunes by following this link here. This way you can enjoy the podcast while exercising, shopping, cooking or on your commute to or from work.
Best of You

From Mike Grogan: “Getting fit” and “losing weight” are very popular New Year’s resolutions. Unfortunately, these vows are also the ones that are most commonly broken. If you are struggling to be the “best of you” physically, Chad Davis can help. A wellness coach and triathlete, Chad shares tips for achieving a healthy lifestyle in his blog,

Originally from Australia, Chad and his wife Natasha brought their kids to the Philippines over a decade ago to get a taste of the international life – and decided to stay.  Chad’s fitness advocacy dovetails nicely with his career in the local hospitality industry, working with companies such as Shangri-La (Makati and EDSA) and Enderun Colleges. Listen to his inteview and find out how you too can be Primed so you can live longer and healthier.


Other great podcasts that Mike has done for The Best of You include with Human Nature founder Anna Meloto-Wilk and with my Aussie mate Peter Wallace.

Other World Famous Podcasts to feature Primed for your Life:

Primed for your Life was also featured on Low Carb Conversations with Jimmy Moore, Dietitian Cassie and Friends which features conversations with a variety of voices in the Low-Carb, Paleo and Real Food movements, expressing many different points of view. Jimmy Moore also has over 1000 podcasts on Jimmy Moore’s Livin’ La Vida Low-Carb show and is a definite idol of mine. Jimmy rocks.

Jimmy Moore rocks9


That Paleo Show was when my great buddy Reujen joined me and we had a lot of fun discussing the Primed Lifestyle.

Reujen and I loved doing the podcast with Dr. Brett Hill, Steve Hayter and Sarah Stewart. We had a blast and hope you have a laugh and also learn a bit as well.


That Paleo Show Featured Image

Please see That Paleo Show podcasts that you can listen to so as to learn more about how to adopt a healthier lifestyle. Some of my own personal favorite programs are the following:

#25 and #78 with Jimmy Moore
#35 with Dr. Peter Dingle
#64 with Dr. Ronesh Sinha – The South Asian Health Solution
#103 with Dr. Terry Wahls


I love listening to podcasts when I am running to and from my Primed clients. It is a great way to educate yourself, get a laugh and be inspired to achieve even more in your life.

Here is one of my favorites with neurologist Dr. David Perlmutter with Jimmy Moore.

Grain Brain1

The Final Word

Mike Grogan, the host of The Best of You, is a fabulous motivational speaker, coach and trainer. I personally have attended two of his training sessions and loved them both. Very inspiring and practical. You can contact Mike at

His facebook page is here.

I also had the pleasure of sharing the Primed Lifestyle protocols with his soccer team. Their coach Nathan said their training after my talk was one of their best of the year.

Mike Grogan soccer

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