Brain Health Habits Thursday with Primed Recipe of Pressure Cooker Onion and Cabbage with Sardines

Soothe Your Brain

By enjoying Malunggay and/or Camomile Tea you are not only hydrating your body but soothing your mind and body as it is known to alleviate stress.

The sounds of nature, music (not head-banger music) and comedy are also great ways to calm your mind. This is especially so if you are stuck in traffic.

I Love Aussie Hip Hop for Soothing Tunes

My favorite music to listen to is Aussie Hip Hop with Joelistics among my favorites.

Joelistics hip hop

Listen to this cool song here. Or this one from Briggs that mentions the Philippines.

I also love podcasts and find them soothing. Please see an example of a great podcast to listen to here and with my Primed mate Mike Grogan here..

Best of You fi

Steam Cooker Onion and Cabbage with Sardines


  • a pressure cooker (we bought ours inexpensively from Ansons)
  • a lot of onion
  • a head of cabbage
  • Himalayan/sea salt, pepper, turmerc, maca root powder from Roarganics
  • sardines
  • coconut milk or cream
  • green vegetables (good carbohydrates like cabbage)


  • Saute your onions in Primed Organic VCO or butter or ghee as you see in picture above
  • Add your spices like chili, turmeric, pepper and Sea/Himalayan salt
  • Add your cabbage and stir
  • Add your Roarganics super food like Maca Root Powder (optional of course)


  • Now add in your coconut milk/cream or a little water
  • Close lid on Pressure cooker and put on low heat (you can see we love eggs)


  • Allow to pressure cook until the pressure cooker starts to whistle
  • Turn off and de-steam according to pressure cooker instructions
  • Open pressure cooker and stir ingredients
  • Add fresh greens and stir


  • I simply served this great tasting dish over some fresh greens and then added some sardines in olive oil



  • Other cool Primed cats who eat great Primed food like this are Mike Grogan, Mary, Anastazcia and Danah


  • If you want to cool Aussie dude as your Wellness Coach then please text me at 0929-421-2148. Or email me at Or skype of primedforyourlife if living overseas.
  • Ok? Don’t be scared. Haha. What do you have to lose? Except lethargy, insomnia, type 2 diabetes etc.?
  • What do you have to gain besides longevity and a better life?

Primed reverses

  • Once Primed you will have the knowledge and know how to last a lifetime that will be healthier and happier. Guaranteed.



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