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Running Safety in Polluted Manila

I have always thought people wearing masks were a little bit “different”. I thought I would never be a masked wearer.

However, after running 16km one night from Pasig/Ortigas area (near Capitol Commons and Ultra) to Bondi & Bourke in Legaspi Village then home again with the mask on I was converted. See image below of what should be a white cover.

5 run safety tips4

I have since run to and from my house into Makati at varying times of day and also on the weekend. I minimize running on Edsa by using side roads in Rockwell area, the Fort and along Pioneer. As you can see, the results are shocking.

5 run safety tips3

The mask I use was given to me from Primed Bill Co with other varieties available in the market.

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Primed Ernest and Che Keep Inspiring

From Ernest and Che –

“Hi Chad, I just like to say thank you for introducing primedforyourlife to us. Since we have started to be primed it has changed our life for the better.

We are now healthier and stronger. Before we were Primed we usually gain weight after a long race, most specially if its more than 21km. We often eat a lot after each and every race have joined. In 2014 and 2015 were able to join races almost every month thus it helped in a way in burning the food that we have eaten. Until the we started to follow primed on the 4th week of October 2015. Since then we have never looked back.”

Ernest and Cate before

“This picture shows I gained 10lbs in just almost 4 weeks. Cardimax (50km) was in September and RUPM(42km) was in October 2015. After the Cardimax race we just ate and ate as for some reason our body seemed to be just asking and asking for food.”

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2016 Financial Fitness Run was Big Fun

It was a joy to represent Soleus Philippines in the Financial Run on May 29th 2016.

Fat burner

I ran my 10km Race during the Financial Run in a fasted state (just lunch the previous day). That’s because I am a fat burner. My friend Primed Rose Ann is a fat burning beast too. We are not constantly hungry. We are satiated with our nutritious food. We do not live to eat. We eat to live.

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Primed Clof Rocked Her Bull Runner Marathon

“Hi my name is Clof. 

I have worked in the Mining Industry for 5 years and I’m a passionate marathoner, sports and nutrition inclined person for 8 years.  Beside music I love spreading good vibes and enjoying life share healthier choices to what I do to my friends colleague family and relatives just wanna share

How I get to be “PRIMED” ready from my strong finish and big deal fast recovery last February 21 at my second but sweetest uphill and down hill marathon experience in NUVALI.

Mt. Labo Corregidor

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7 Reason Soleus Corregidor Island Race is a Must for January 2017

The Corregidor Island marathon, half marathon and 10km race are held every January and I am so glad we now know exactly what we will be doing every year on that Saturday (full marathon) or  Sunday (other distance) come January.

Corregidor Marathon Rocks

7 Reasons To Join Me, My Family, My Soleus Philippines Teammates, Interntaional Competitors and Hundreds of Others Next Year

(1). The ferry trip over is a blast.

Simply leave the smog and heat of Manila behind as you enjoy the cool sea breeze as you travel to beautiful and historic Corregidor Island. The island is less than 90 minutes away and is a fun trip from the Mall of Asia area.

Corregidor Marathon Bye Manila

Good bye Manila and hello to the fresh air of Corregidor Island. It is breath-takingly beautiful. The race starts at 8am so you can stay over the previous night or even rock up on the day itself by catching the first ferry.

Corregidor Marathon Hello CI

(2). Corregidor Island is gorgeous, green, historical, mysterious and a fun place to visit.

Corregidor Marathon Beautiful

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Chad’s 10km Personal Best at New Balance Power Run in a Ketogenic Fasted State

39:39 for my new 10km personal best at the New Balance Fun Run.

New Balance Power Run

Only 10 people beat 40 minutes and I was glad to be one of them. Pretty sure I was the first white guy. Haha.

I did the 10km in a fasted state (no dinner or breakfast) and no water during the race. No worries as I was well nourished and hydrated beforehand. ‪#‎NewBalanceShoes‬ ‪#‎SanteBarleyTriTeam‬ ‪#‎SoleusPhilippines‬

I had fun meeting up with Sante Barley teammates Junrox and Chris. It is always cool catching up with Raul. He’s the man. Hoping to run a sub 3:25 at his Condura Skyway Marathon next year.

The Day After My Sub 40 Minute New Balance 10km Race I Ran 40km During a 30 Hour Fast (Easily)


Regular Intelligent Fasting rocks. It is only possible once Primed for your Life as your food satisfies you and energizes you so you can easily last the fast.

I ran 40km to and from potential Primed corporate clients in a fasted state. Only fueled by Primed Cinnamon Iced Coffee and a shot of Virgin Coconut Oil.

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What Have You Found Whilst Out Running?

I have found 5,000 pesos once whilst on my runs around the streets of Manila. I looked to see who it belonged to but there was no one in sight. Hence, it went in my pocket and I had a nice Primed lunch with my family.

Finding/Saving a 2 Year Old Filipina Girl

One night, at around 9pm, I was running home from work at Resorts World Manila along a dark Lawnton Avenue. I noticed a little lost 2 year old Filipina girl only a foot away from the busy road. This little one was alone, crying and but a step away from tragedy.

I am proud that I stopped and even though she could not understand English I found her home some 40 minutes later and 400 meters away in the labyrinth of the Army barracks.

Running allows you to help others in need and then gives you a sense of pride.

Bhong Cadelina1

I have also found a lot of friends such as Bhong whilst out running.

The Moral of the Stories:

Running is a great activity for your body, brain, heart etc. However, it is even better when you really take in all around you, pay attention to all the beautiful things you see, and help others where you can. You might even find something unexpected!

There is no health benefit better for you than to see the smile on the face of the person you just helped. That is priceless.

Please share your story of who you helped whilst out running or walking. I’d love to hear it. Cheers.

Some of the Benefits of Running


Other Benefits

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