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Primed Jen Has No More Headaches or Dysmenorrhea. She Has More Energy & Confidence.

Once Primed you lose quite a few things. Examples include:

  • lethargy;
  • headaches;
  • dysmenorrhea;
  • insomnia;
  • hunger;
  • medications; and
  • forgetfulness!

Once Primed you gain a lot. Examples include:

  • Energy;
  • Mental clarity;
  • Skin quality;
  • Stronger nails;
  • Better oral health;
  • Freedom from hunger;
  • More savings because you are not supporting fake food companies by buying their carbage;
  • Sexier body (it is not about weight, it is about body shape and feel);
  • Better menstrual functioning;
  • Better outlook on life; and
  • A lot more confidence.

Meet Jen, the talented and pretty staff of Primed Johan and Jequi.

Mt Labo E and D Corp Cooking23 Jennifer

Jen was suffering from headaches, poor sleep, poor skin, dysmenorrhea (painful periods), lack of confidence, lack of energy and lack of a positive outlook.

In summary, Jen was not looking great and she was not feeling great either.

So, what changed?

These things changed in Jen’s life:

  1. She decided that she was sick of being sick and tired of being tired;
  2. Jen has tremendous support from her super cool Primed bosses Johan and Jequi;Johan and Jequi
  3. Jen had a wellness coach who really cares for her well-being and continually reminder her that she could improve her life. Oh, he also knows the right way to improve your life (shameless plug); Jen 1
  4. Jen then changed her habits;
  5. Jen ate more eggs, Filipino vegetables, cheese, coconut products and other real food;

  6. Jen ditched these carbage things (cannot call it food unfortunately);
  7. Jen’s brain improved by eating real food and she no longer craved carbage disease like agents that were clearly harming her body and brain;
  8. Once Jen got over her sugar addiction she craved even more proper food;
  9. Once Jen looked and felt better then she really knew that most of what we have been told is total bs. Myths like avoiding the sun are incorrect. The belief that you need to exercise more is false. Jen finally knows what is right for her given her current state of health and environment. Cool. Dane 1Jen b&a
  10. Jen will not go backwards now she has come so far forward. Johan, Jequi, Chad and her own brain will see to that.

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Primed Clof Rocked Her Bull Runner Marathon

“Hi my name is Clof. 

I have worked in the Mining Industry for 5 years and I’m a passionate marathoner, sports and nutrition inclined person for 8 years.  Beside music I love spreading good vibes and enjoying life share healthier choices to what I do to my friends colleague family and relatives just wanna share

How I get to be “PRIMED” ready from my strong finish and big deal fast recovery last February 21 at my second but sweetest uphill and down hill marathon experience in NUVALI.

Mt. Labo Corregidor

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30 Great Benefits of a Primed Lifestyle Experienced by my Corporate Clients

Benefits of a Primed Lifestyle Experienced by More Than 300 Corporate Employees in Manila, Cebu and Davao:

1. Feeling better in themselves with increased self-confidence

2. A lot more ENERGY that can be further directed into their health journey as well as work, self-education,family, fun and friends.

3. Less sleepy in the afternoon – means increased productivity

4. Better mental clarity means better thought processes

5. Better mood which assists team harmony and self-worth

6. Less period pain with reversal of PCOS, dysmenorrhea and other issues

Mt. Labo Seminar1

7. Less stomach issues

8. Regular bowel movements (no more constipation)

9. Better skin and hence improved confidence

10. Better teeth

11. Better quality sleep so they wake refreshed and ready for the challenges of the day

12. Less sick leave/sickness

13. Improved life skills by learning new healthy recipes

14. Reversed asthma

15. Reversed Type 2 Diabetes

16. Brought blood pressure down so as to get off all medications

17. Off all cholesterol medications so no side effects from the hormone disrupting drugs

18. Reduced stress with better controlled blood sugar levels assisting stabilized stress reactions

19. Improved family life as their families enjoy the benefits of more optimal nutrition too

20. Being more mindful of what they eat and when. This leads to having a greater appreciation of how maximum nutrition enhances their mind and body.


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