Primed Clof Rocked Her Bull Runner Marathon

“Hi my name is Clof. 

I have worked in the Mining Industry for 5 years and I’m a passionate marathoner, sports and nutrition inclined person for 8 years.  Beside music I love spreading good vibes and enjoying life share healthier choices to what I do to my friends colleague family and relatives just wanna share

How I get to be “PRIMED” ready from my strong finish and big deal fast recovery last February 21 at my second but sweetest uphill and down hill marathon experience in NUVALI.

Mt. Labo Corregidor

The Bull Runner smart marathon 2016

that few weeks ago I’m really amazed how worth it and best results I’ve got trying the primed for your life program from cooking my meals from their recipes using the virgin coconut oil and also make it as part of my preparation to that Big Day event as part of the preparation was taking 1 teaspoon of virgin coconut oil from early in morning and 1 teaspoon in the evening before sleeping, the most essential experience is to enjoy the route of uphill and downhill of Nuvali  w/c our coach Chad Davis taught us in Mt LABO in the whole program wen we had our fun trail run experience in TANAY RIZAL last November 26 2015.

Mt Labo E and D Corp Cooking27

Enjoying and taking food as your best friend I had to prepare trying the meals and recipes of primed for your life w/c makes me feel nourished and just so ready for my plan marathons it’s how it’s unique approach that helped me a lot loading high chances of winning the race from starting to finish…ohhhh bytheway winning I mean not being in the podium to be in any rank from all the participants but being able to focus and discovered that I finished strong with big deal “fast recovery”  and “injury free” to the point that I didn’t feel any pain the next day after I ran 42 Kilometers and 195 meters, I even went to work happy fulfilled  and amazingly wore my hills on duty w/o feeling in PAIN and talking about electrolyte?

Clof fi

Coconut Juice is always been my best buddy wen I know I will have a longest run I know I’m safe to loading my body with fresh coconut juice and to some it all UP glad that I was in the right hype trying the PRIMED For your Life w/c offered me better healthier choices, not only that by growing and discovering things like PRIMED FOR YOUR LIFE you’ll feel the strength that’s always within.


Well overall I thank Chad Davis for this opportunity teaching us being on Primed for your Life and Johan Raadsma my Boss in Mt Labo who never gets tired sharing best option in becoming PROACTIVE, open doors on healthier but smarter choices.

Clof marathon champ1


My Nutritionist, RN, & Sports wellness Coach Mabelle Aban of Shape Fitness and Sports Nutrition Clinic shaping me up towards chances of a good happy healthier life style

could not be the best possible were iam if without all your sincerest and good vibes support!








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