5 Primed Reasons Why I Participate in Triathlons

I enjoy doing triathlons but used to participate in them with the wrong belief that I would get fit and lose fat. Unfortunately that didn’t work. I was a fat, unfit triathlete wasting lots of time. Anything lost can be found again except for time wasted.


I was an idiot. A misguided, well-intentioned idiot, but an idiot non-the-less. I tried the same idiotic routine for 2 years and was still fat, still unfit and still wasting my time.


But it gets worse. A lot worse. My idiotic over-training and eating poor food to fuel that training not only hurt me but hurt my family too. They needed my presence but I was wasting time biking and running around in circles too much (just like with sunshine, the poison is in the dose). I was feeding myself cheap, nutrient deficient sugar foods (sugarade, gels, bread, pasta, noodles etc.) and then feeding that to my children. That is something I still regret but excuse myself because I did not know better.


I now know better and these are the reasons I do triathlon events.

Here’s 5 Primed Reasons I Do Triathlon Now – Never to get fit (does not work) or at the expense of sleep or time with my family.

  1. Triathlon Allows for Fun in the Sun.

Without the sun there is no life. Please enjoy it and get your share. The lighter your skin the less time you can tolerate but the darker your skin you need more.

Sun and skin

I am building up my tolerance and try and get as much as I can daily without getting sun burnt of course.

Please remember that you do not need a triathlon to get your daily dose of Vitamin D. An example is when Paul and I from NEH Philippines (my new Primed corporate client from Davao) got sunshine instead of having lunch (intermittent fasting).

2. Triathlon Allows for Nature Tripping

It is relaxing, de-stressing and a joy to be in nature, breath fresh air and enjoy the beauties of life. Thanks to Mia Garcia Macaraig for the lovely photographs.

SubiT triathlon10

The only reason I am a little slow on my bike is because I was mindfully appreciating the beautiful nature all around me. I also loved watching my fellow triathletes smile and greet me as they over-took me. Haha.

SubiT triathlon11

3. I Am Inspired and Motivated to Help Even More When I See Fellow Primed Success Stories 

I caught up with Coach Rick Reyes, from Triathlon Association of the Philippines, when I registered for this SubiT race. We love supporting friends like Rick, Anton and Rizzo who organized the SubiT triathlon we enjoyed on Sunday April 17th, 2016. When I registered I told Rick how to reverse his Type 2 Diabetes and become healthier and happier.


Well, Coach Rick listen well and followed my advise and in the 3 weeks since I talked to him has lost 10 kilos. Yes, 10 kilos. What he lost is not as important as to what he has gained. He will gain a longer life and a better quality of life IF he continues with his Primed Lifestyle. He has also gained peace of mind and is now eating to live. he is fighting disease and no longer feeding it. That’s cool.


I loved catching up with Primed Victor Magno. The guy rocks. Read Victor’s story here. Lunch at The Wholesome Table on me soon buddy as a thank you for helping Jeroen and all his NEH Philippines employees to go Primed in Davao. Juan and Bianca Elizalde, owners of The Wholesome Table, are also Primed.

Victor Magno3

Primed Angela also got on the podium AGAIN. Great job Angela. I have more super Primed protocols to share to help you and Dennis even more.

Angela and Dennis

4. You Get to Try New things Once Primed (such as fasted exercise)


I love to eat and eat a lot of quality, nutritious, satiating, Primed food. Hence, I eat to live and do not live to eat. Because I am a fat burner (not a sugar burner) I can do my three hour triathlon activity without any breakfast and just Primed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil and a few bananas on the run to sustain me. Easily done.

Sugar burners have to eat often to keep their tiny, inflammatory sugar tank topped up so they have energy. A fat burner like me has access to stored body fat so I have up to 25 times more stored energy. A sugar burner is like a tanker pictured above running out of fuel because it cannot access the rear tank and only can access the tiny front tank.

5. Triathlon is Social and a Great Chance to Catch Up with Friends

I love catching up with my Sante Barley teammates, friends like Sieg, Mia and  Danny Aparis.


Sieg and Mia.

Joey and Jualyn.


Lyka and David.

SubiT triathlon6

Danny Aparis and his lovely wife. Thanks for supporting Primed for your Life and buying my Primed Centrifuged Organic Virgin Coconut Oil mate. I appreciate it my friend.

Primed means

The Final Word

Do triathlon for the sun, for fun, for nature, for the social aspect and NEVER to get fit (abs are made in the kitchen). Never do training at the expense of sleep or quality time with your family.

See you at my next triathlon race which will be Regent 5150 Triathlon organized by Primed Princess Galura of Sunrise events.


Princess rocks and her events always rock. 



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