Victor Magno is Rocking His Primed Lifestyle

Three cheers for Primed Victor Magno. Losing weight is a simple side benefit when compared to having more energy, better brain functioning, less aches and pains, more confidence and being a fabulous role model to friends, family and colleagues.

Victor is now nourishing his mind and body properly so as to build his immune system and therefore FIGHT DISEASE and not feed it. That’s cool. Victor will live longer and live better. That rocks.

Cholesterol improvements

Victor Magno3

Dear Victor, thanks for the props and having the guts  (plenty of that a few months ago) to make a change in your life. The joy and happiness that awaits you as you positively impact those around you will be priceless.

Happy helps someone

From Victor “The Man” Magno

“What was just a simple forwarded article is turning out to be more than that. Ok fine. Let me share with you then what I’ve been doing to keep my weight down:

First things first. I used to think that since I am a triathlete all my training should keep my weight down right and my tummy tight, right? Wrong! The technique will not go away. The 100 klms long ride cannot and will not burn the KFC double down you had for lunch. 2 days ago.

Fast crap

Early last year, my weight was crazy high. The last time I was that big was before I became a triathlete. I started to get all these minor health issues.

Victor Magno2

So one day, I challenged myself to see if I could actually “look” like a triathlete again. Additional motivation was that we had an upcoming ride to Baguio and I needed to be lighter for that. I approached it on the diet side. I got help and approached it ONE DAY AT A TIME. It’s worked so well for me.


Apart from eating eggs (in all forms) on a daily basis, I also eat alot of Nuts (my go to snack!) Coconut (juice, oil, fruit) Veggies, Salmon, Tuna and meat (pork and beef). So it’s not like I’m starving myself, coz it’s far from that!

Eggs for breakfast2

The big difference though is I have seriously cut down on my sugar intake. So no: coke (hardest…still not 100% but considerably less), cakes, nearly all dessert, pies, rice, pasta, Gatorade, and oat meal. I have also stopped eating Spam, Corned Beef and all that yummy breakfast food! Just like my coke, I’m not completely sugar free. I still take a forkful of cake or a spoon of Ice Cream.

So I have ordered a burger, but w/o the bun or fries, eaten lechon w/o rice, and pizza topping only.  hahaha.

The Wholesome Table Berns lunch

In a year, I have lost about 18 lbs already and from a 35 waistline, I’m now a 30.  My blood chem is very good. My hdl to ldl ratio apparently is excellent too!”

amazing-cholesterol-ratios image

(Note from Chad – This is not Victor’s blood works but an example of what happens when you go Primed. Your HDL improves and your Triglycerides go down a lot. This HDL to Trig ratio lowering is an indication of a greatly reduced risk of cardiovascular disease like heart attack and stroke. With this ratio 2:1 or 1:1 even your total cholesterol level and LDL levles are irrelevant. What is relevant is how you feel and look. That is usually so much better than before. Right Victor? You are the living proof mate.)

Back to Victor’s Words

“Because my weight is down, I’ve also been able to run again and have, so far, remained injury free. I became a better climber on the bike and finally look decent in slim pants.

Victor Magno1

How did I do it? I have Anna Rodriguez-Dela Cruz to thank for introducing me to the diet, and to Chad Davis , the main man for this lifestyle, for continually reminding me through his posts, that you cannot outrun a bad diet.

Running safety tips 1

I highly recommend that you look up his Primed For Your Life page and like it so you have an idea.

Positivity fi

It is NOT easy to stick to the plan because all of us are so used to processed food loaded with sugar.

World Title Champ Jenel16

Food like that is the norm now, so how do you avoid it? I have heard people tell me my diet is so sad and I get it why they say that but when I see the results in the scale and in the way clothes fit on me and how much easier it is for me to get up a hill, ok lang. It’s really not sad at all.


So to those who want to follow the diet, here’s my advice to you:

1. Start TODAY.

Motivational12. Buy a scale and document your progress. Use My Fitness Pal.

Blood sugar control

(Note from Chad – better to measure your waist and check your blood sugars. You can gain weight but be healthier as you increase muscle.)
3. Sugar is the enemy. (Note from Chad – All grains = sugar = inflammation = disease (probably/eventually)).

4. Coconut in all forms is your friend. Just like lemongrass tea.

(Note from Chad – The best VCO in the market is Primed Centrifuged Organic Virgin Coconut Oil – 0929-421-2148 for orders 🙂 ).
5. Make it a habit by being strong and faithful to it for 5 days. It’ll be easier on the 6th.


Good luck!!!”


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