Jenel is an MMA World Title Champion on the Primed Lifestyle

I first met Jenel last December, just a few short weeks before his MMA World Title fight on January 16th 2016.

MMA Primed talk

We discussed the Primed Lifestyle with the whole team and how it would aid their recovery, improve performance and longevity in their chosen sport. We discussed how we would help them switch over from burning sugar to burning fat.

I explained how they would become fat burning machines with 50,000 calories of stored energy compared to tiny tank sugar burners with a teeny weeny 2,000 calories! Sugar also causes inflammation and can lead to disease. Grains equal sugar in your body.

MMA Jenel

A few days before the fight Jenel mentioned that his real food Primed nutrition helped his recovery from training very well. This equates to more intensity for following training sessions. Less inflammation was the key.

World Title Champ Jenel14

Jenel made his weight in easily. There was less stress than previously as his real food allowed his body to find it’s optimal weight with just a few strategic (and secret) tweaks made.

Just hours prior to the fight Jenel was calm and comfortable in his excellent preparation.

Freedumb from Grains2

Jenel looked so good that he went from rank underdog to almost favorite in the betting. I am not a gambling man as I think it is a fools game but I did make a few pesos backing Primed Jenel over his more credentialed opponent.

World Title Champ Jenel2

We all loved watching Jenel fight. He made us very proud with his bravery, skill and determination.

Comments from a seasoned trainer: “To do 5 rounds like Jenel did in his first 5 round fight is not easy, most people crack after 3.  Jenel had nuclear power left in him. Amazing.”

Jenel is very deserving champion even with a split decision going his way by 1 solitary point.

World Title Champ Jenel8

It was my first time to watched an MMA fight and I really enjoyed it.

World Title Champ Jenel11

Thank you Jenel for mentioning me by name whilst accepting your World Title Belt on stage. You made me feel very proud and special. You deserve all the success coming to you in your future title defence and UFC matches.


Jenel’s Secret Sauce – Primed Organic Virgin Coconut Oil.

Jenel's food

Other food Jenel eats besides a lot of eggs

Shopping Primed1

and quality fruits at the right times with limited dried fruit.

Shopping Primed

Jenel eats real food with real flavor that is optimal for his body and brain.


Wheat Belly Cook book

Jenel loves a great Primed Omelette with some Wheat Belly cook book chicken recipes among other favorites. Remember, “No grain, no pain”!

Jenel was featured in many media articles and forums and deserves all the fabulous accolades he has been receiving.

Jenel Lausa

Rest well in Iloilo this week Jenel and enjoy some great Primed food while you are there.

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