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Primed Dolly is Doing Fabulously. New Cebu Half Ironman Personal Best.

From Dolly – “Dear Chad,

I started PRIMED lifestyle 9 weeks ago.

Chad Primed
– After 1 week, I  lost 7 pounds.
– I felt had more energy and I was one hyper girl but not from sugar!
– Everyone was complimenting me about how great I looked.
– I trained smartly and slept more. Rested when I was tired.
– I followed the PRIMED diet strictly towards race day. (From Chad – “Simply meant ate more seafood, eggs, green veg with quality fats like butter, olive oil and Primed Organic VCO. Also meant no toxic veg oil, no soy, nothing low-fat, no poisoned grains and no highly processed carbage).
– I was a FAT burning machine!
– Only had coconut water, bananas and nuts (almonds, cashews and macadamia) during the race (Cebu half-Ironman).
– I finished the half-Ironman race last Sunday with the time of 7:14:37 – a great achievement which I never thought was possible! A new personal record for me after my 4th Race in Cebu.”

Dolly 70.3

“Having my primed breakfast after my brick workout. Scrambled eggs with tomatoes and onions and deep fried sweet potatoes.”

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5 Primed Reasons Why I Participate in Triathlons

I enjoy doing triathlons but used to participate in them with the wrong belief that I would get fit and lose fat. Unfortunately that didn’t work. I was a fat, unfit triathlete wasting lots of time. Anything lost can be found again except for time wasted.


I was an idiot. A misguided, well-intentioned idiot, but an idiot non-the-less. I tried the same idiotic routine for 2 years and was still fat, still unfit and still wasting my time.


But it gets worse. A lot worse. My idiotic over-training and eating poor food to fuel that training not only hurt me but hurt my family too. They needed my presence but I was wasting time biking and running around in circles too much (just like with sunshine, the poison is in the dose). I was feeding myself cheap, nutrient deficient sugar foods (sugarade, gels, bread, pasta, noodles etc.) and then feeding that to my children. That is something I still regret but excuse myself because I did not know better.


I now know better and these are the reasons I do triathlon events.

Here’s 5 Primed Reasons I Do Triathlon Now – Never to get fit (does not work) or at the expense of sleep or time with my family.

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Primed NZ Ironman Champs Berns Tan & Jose Mari

Primed Berns and Jose Mari just rocked Ironman New Zealand.

It was a very tough course but they finished with excellent times, had fabulous recovery and did not have to “over-train” in order to hear the wonderful words “You are an Ironman” after swimming 3.8km, biking 180km and running 42.2km.

Berns finished 7th for her age category with a time of 12:23:41.

IMNZ Berns

Jose Mari had an excellent time of 15:40:39. His run was really good with 6:05:06.

IMNZ Jose Mari

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5 Top Primed Stories for 2015

I am delighted that the Primed for your Life Lifestyle is helping people improve their lives worldwide. The Primed posts are read in over 140 countries with Primed clients in countries such as Canada, Australia, UAE, Malaysia, Singapore, the Philippines and a host of others.

Here are the Top 5 articles this year with a special thanks to cardiologist and New York Times best selling author Dr. William Davis for sharing many articles on his Wheat Belly facebook page.

1. Wheat baby! The Painful Condition of Accidentally Eating Grains/Gluten Once Off It

Wheat Baby10

Thanks also to my beautiful and talented tummy model.

Once you give up grains/wheat you CANNOT go back because once the “poison” is out of your system your body will react badly if this “poison” is reintroduced. This is surely proof positive that these grains are “poison” to your system.

2. Cheat in your Triathlon and you are cheating more than just yourself

“The truly scary thing about undiscovered lies is that they have a greater capacity to diminish us than exposed ones. They erode our strength, our self-esteem, our very foundation.” ― Cheryl Hughes
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5 Ways Your Excessive Sporting Activities Could Harm You and Your Family

Is your pursuit of health hurting you and your family?

Are you spending lots of time away from your loved ones running and biking around in circles? Are you promoting cheap, processed carbs (sugar in your body) as a healthy way to “fuel” your excessive cardio? Are you chugging sugarade thinking it is good for you? If so, your children are watching and will probably copy your endeavor to be healthy that is more than likely not going to succeed in the long term.


The reason it is likely to be a failed endeavor long term is that proper health starts in the kitchen with exercise just a mere 2% of the equation. The smartest and healthiest minds on the planet are echoing these words and many people have tried and failed at the exercise more, eat less (or eat more carbs) model.

Please remember the real benefit of exercise and do not try and use it as a means of controlling your weight:

Running safety tips 1

The reason for your exercise is many factorial and could include: for fun, fitness, building strength, relaxation, stress relief, camaraderie, sense of achievement or even a little “me time”. It should never be at the expense of your health, sleep or even your family. It should never be done in a poor environment.

5 Ways Your Excessive Exercise Could Be Harming Your Family (Besides Yourself)

1. Time:

Anything lost can be found again except for time wasted!

If you are training too often then it is at the expense of time you could have spent with your family, cooking, recovering, learning a new skill or doing something you really love doing. This is where true enjoyment of life and living comes from.


You would be far better off spending time cooking and learning new recipes such as those in the cool cook book from Dr. William Davis of Wheat Belly fame.

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Nutrient loading vs. Carbo loading before a Race

If you eat/drink a lot of sugar like bread, pasta, breakfast cereals, noodles, sugarade, energy gels, crackers etc. then unfortunately you will be dependent on these cheap and harmful carbos as your fuel for sports and life.

What if you could kick this sugar dependency (cheap carbos equal sugar in your body) and eat/drink real and healthy products to better fuel your sporting activities and life.

So many people are upgrading their nutrients. Examples include Ronda Rousey, Jenson Button, Novak Djokovic, Kobe Bryant, LeBron James, the Australian cricket team and a lot more. Please see here for more examples.

Los Angeles Lakers v Charlotte Bobcats

Nutrient loading vs. Carbo loading:

Here is a comparison of the 2 different fuel sources available to you. Sugar equals inflammation and is a quick burn fuel. Your brain is 60% fat and this is the preferred fuel sources for your brain and body too.

Nutrient loading feeds your body and brain optimally.

Brain health
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Doing an Ironman Primed/Fat Adapted Compared to a Non-Primed Ironman

There is no such thing as an easy Ironman event. 3.8km swim, a 180km bike and then a 42.2km run is tough no matter how fit you are. There is wear and tear on your body before, during and after the event. It takes many hours of training and discipline to be able to complete one so you can say “I am an Ironman.” However, what if you train too much and do more harm than good?

What if you could achieve Ironman status with less wear and tear on your body, have faster recovery after training sessions and the event itself, be able to spend more time with your family and friends (as opposed to gaining what could be “junk” miles pounding the pavement), have less chance of injury and still have a better body (lighter and stronger) and sharper mind?

I have completed Japan Ironman (14:07:55) with the standard lots of hours training (20/week) and supposedly healthy diet (grains) and I have completed Malaysia Ironman (14:03:55) with less training hours (just 9/week) and a Primed Lifestyle (no grains/sugars etc.). I also weighed 10kg less and had more energy this way.

This post is to compare the two Ironman events in which one was Primed (Malaysia) and the other non-Primed (Japan).

Just as another comparison, I also completed Melbourne Ironman after Japan Ironman with 18 hours training a week and leading the Primed Lifestyle in 11:41:23. An improvement of 2 hours and 20 minutes in around 6 months.


Primed Food Compared with Non-Primed Food

Prior to Japan Ironman I was eating the SAD way. SAD is an acronym for Standard Australian Diet where we eats lots of carbs and sugar and think it’s healthy (the Government and dietitians actually recommend this which is why we are one of the most obese countries in the world). I was exercising 20 hours a week, was more susceptible to injury, was often very tired and was 73 kilos.

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10 Reasons You Don’t Need To Do An Ironman Triathlon

I confess that as a four time Ironman and many time marathoner I enjoy doing these extreme activities. I enjoy the training, the camaraderie involved with my fellow competitors and especially the feeling as I cross the finish line. I also enjoy reliving the memories and using that for mental strength when times get tough.

I know that this type of activity is not for everyone and it is not necessary to be so extreme to be happy and healthy. Indeed, doing these activities sometimes leads to burnout and damage to your health if you push yourself too hard (using pain killing drugs) and train too much.

To be fit and healthy a lot of people believe that exercise is just 20% of the equation. Nutrition (the 4th discipline of triathlon) is around 80%. Sleep, sunshine, your state of mind and stress are also important factors in your health.


Here are 10 Reasons Not To Do An Ironman to be Fit, Vital and Healthy

1. It Takes Lot of Time

Training for an Ironman can involve a lot of training and dedication which does take up a lot of your time. I have successfully completed my past 2 Ironman events on less than 10 hours training per week so you do not have to train excessively to finish.

The excessive time spent training could well be time you could have spent with your family, reading a good book, relaxing with friends or working on improving your mind and body more effectively.

Some great books to read include Keto Clarity by Jimmy Moore and Dr. Eric Westman, Wheat Belly by Dr. William Davis and Grain Brain by David Perlmutter M.D.

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Ironwoman Berns Tan Personal Best by 1 hour plus with a Primed Lifestyle

One of my idols is Berns Tan. A wonderfully talented lady who smashed her Ironman personal best by more than 1 hour after adopting the Primed for your Life/Wheat Belly/LCHF lifestyle.

So, how did Berns go from a 13:17:58 Ironman Malaysia on September 27th 2014 to a 12:15:15 Ironman Taiwan on April 12th less than 7 months later?

Berns adopted the Primed Lifestyle which is very similar to the Wheat Belly Lifestyle of Dr. William Davis where grains, sugar, processed foods and vegetable oils are eliminated in favor of more nutritious, real foods that do not spike your blood sugars nor cause inflammation.

It is all about optimally fueling your mind and body.

Berns Tan Ironman4

Questions and Answers with Ironwoman Berns Tan

What were the main reasons for you smashing one hour off your Ironman personal best?

★ I was able to shed off 3-4lbs of body weight even when I was eating my favorite food – meat. However, like you said, not too much meat but less cheap carbs (like bread, pasta, rice, noodles, white potatoes) and more quality fats like olive and coconut oil.

How was your energy during Ironman Taiwan?

★ Sustained energy all throughout the race. I only needed a quarter of the amount of energy gel (Home-made Primed of course) that I took on my previous full Ironman in Malaysia. I even walked 5km to my hotel after the race 😉

How was your recovery?
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