Primed NZ Ironman Champs Berns Tan & Jose Mari

Primed Berns and Jose Mari just rocked Ironman New Zealand.

It was a very tough course but they finished with excellent times, had fabulous recovery and did not have to “over-train” in order to hear the wonderful words “You are an Ironman” after swimming 3.8km, biking 180km and running 42.2km.

Berns finished 7th for her age category with a time of 12:23:41.

IMNZ Berns

Jose Mari had an excellent time of 15:40:39. His run was really good with 6:05:06.

IMNZ Jose Mari

  • Jose Mari O. Magsalin

    Thanks Chad! Take note: I did not take any gu gels at all!

    Gels suck

  • Yippie. That’s why you finished strong when others could not. Your recovery will be so much better too. And your life expectancy!  You are a great role model for your children mate. And not over-trained which is also important.

  • Yes, guess what! The course was so brutal as compared to Melbourne. But, in this IMNZ I did not train too much but just aware of my nutrition. And I think, considering the course of NZ is so tough, I managed to still finish it without so much sore. No Gu Gels No Gatorades. Again, many thanks!



From a previous article on Berns Tan after her Ironman: “How was your recovery?”

★ I recovered very well, no injuries! It was quite fabulous compared to previous races where it took me longer to recover. Like you said, the sugar and cheap grains cause inflammation in your body so you can recover faster with meat and fats.

IMNZ Nutri Grain

Don’t Train for an Ironman at the Expense of your Family or your Health

Doing an Ironman is fun and I am personally glad I have done 4.

However, if you ever train at the expense of your quality nutrition, family or work then you are probably doing more harm than good. Here’s an article comparing nutrient loading with cheapo carbo-loading.

Here’s my story of doing Malaysian Ironman fat adapted in 14:03:55 on less than 10 hours a week training compared to Japan Ironman as a sugar burner in 14:07:55 with more than 20 hours per week.


The Final Word

Ironman food is DEFINITELY not Nutri-Grain breakfast cereal. That is a sugar bomb guaranteed to cause inflammation leading to disease.

This is Ironman food:

IMNZ food

Cheers for the image to cool Dr. Ted Naiman of Burn Fat Not Sugar fame.

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