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Primed NZ Ironman Champs Berns Tan & Jose Mari

Primed Berns and Jose Mari just rocked Ironman New Zealand.

It was a very tough course but they finished with excellent times, had fabulous recovery and did not have to “over-train” in order to hear the wonderful words “You are an Ironman” after swimming 3.8km, biking 180km and running 42.2km.

Berns finished 7th for her age category with a time of 12:23:41.

IMNZ Berns

Jose Mari had an excellent time of 15:40:39. His run was really good with 6:05:06.

IMNZ Jose Mari

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Ironwoman Berns Tan Personal Best by 1 hour plus with a Primed Lifestyle

One of my idols is Berns Tan. A wonderfully talented lady who smashed her Ironman personal best by more than 1 hour after adopting the Primed for your Life/Wheat Belly/LCHF lifestyle.

So, how did Berns go from a 13:17:58 Ironman Malaysia on September 27th 2014 to a 12:15:15 Ironman Taiwan on April 12th less than 7 months later?

Berns adopted the Primed Lifestyle which is very similar to the Wheat Belly Lifestyle of Dr. William Davis where grains, sugar, processed foods and vegetable oils are eliminated in favor of more nutritious, real foods that do not spike your blood sugars nor cause inflammation.

It is all about optimally fueling your mind and body.

Berns Tan Ironman4

Questions and Answers with Ironwoman Berns Tan

What were the main reasons for you smashing one hour off your Ironman personal best?

ā˜… I was able to shed off 3-4lbs of body weight even when I was eating my favorite food – meat. However, like you said, not too much meat but less cheap carbs (like bread, pasta, rice, noodles, white potatoes) and more quality fats like olive and coconut oil.

How was your energy during Ironman Taiwan?

ā˜… Sustained energy all throughout the race. I only needed a quarter of the amount of energy gel (Home-made Primed of course) that I took on my previous full Ironman in Malaysia. I even walked 5km to my hotel after the race šŸ˜‰

How was your recovery?
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Nutrition for an Ironman – The Most Important Discipline

Who will perform the strongest of the 127 Filipino strong contingent in Langkawi for the Malaysian Ironman? All 127 want to perform well, have fun and do their best possible time. For some that just might be 9:59:59 seconds. For others a mere one second before the cut-off time of 17 hours will be a wonderful achievement.

No matter how strong all the competing athletes are, if they do not have a good pre-race and during-race nutrition plan then their race will be adversely affected some how. Without a good nutrition plan then all the hours of dedicated training might be compromised.

With friends Willy Yao, Berns Tan and Liu from China
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