Why Are So Many People Adopting a Primed Lifestyle?

I am ecstatic with the number of people worldwide who are adopting a healthier, Primed lifestyle.

In India, America, Australia and the Philippines, to name just a few countries, so many people are going Primed, and experiencing wonderful benefits for their health, family and life in general.


After adopting a Primed Lifestyle they become healthier. This then helps them become happier. Their sleep improves, their ailments become less, they get more energy, more mental clarity and they realize it is best to eat to live, rather than live to eat!

Here are 5 Reasons Why People are Adopting a Primed Lifestyle

1. You Eat Better Food

The Primed Lifestyle is simple. You eat higher quality food (not more expensive necessarily) so as to feed your mind and body optimally.

I gladly train you, your family and staff on how to cook nutritious and delicious food as part of my Wellness Coaching. Be warned though, once you start eating properly it is impossible to go back to eating the low quality stuff!

2. You Start Fighting Disease and Not Feeding It


Upon adopting your Primed Lifestyle you could experience any of the following benefits that I have seen in my Wellness clients:

(a) Better sleep, less snoring and a deeper sleep;

(b) Cured ailments such as irritable bowel syndrome, PCOS, Type 2 Diabetes, back pain, joint pain, period pain, depression and much more;

(c) Improved skin, hair and nails;

(d) Greater energy, faster recovery from activities, better mental clarity and improved overall happiness; and

(e) Improved digestion and bowel functioning.

3. You Really Help Your Whole Family Live Better


The best way to help your family is to be healthy and happy yourself.

Then you can start adopting positive practices that will also them be stronger, smarter, happier and ultimately live longer.

What you eat matters. It matters a lot.

I can help you arrange for great food to be stocked in your fridge, freezer and pantry. I can help ensure your darlings have food in their lunch box that will actually help them perform better at school. Healthy food leads to a healthy mind.

Primed cooking lessons10

4. For Improved Sporting Performance

I personally have achieved many personal bests once going Primed. From my best Ironman result, best marathon time and my first time under 40 minutes for a 10km race.

Mu buddy Primed Berns Tan just knocked off over one hour from her best Ironman time in less than six months after going Primed.

Your recovery is also greatly enhanced as you will have less inflammation in your body as a result of your Primed Lifestyle.

Reujen and Chad

Primed Reujen was biking and running the day after getting his new Ironman personal best at Ironman Taiwan. He loves coconut oil too.

8 course Primed lunch

My Primed bro Reujen and I enjoying an 8-course lunch. We started with a shot of Primed Gold Virgin Coconut Oil and finished with a Primed Muffin. Super delicious and filling enough so we did not need to eat again until the next day.

5. You Will Lose Your Excess Pounds and Feel Great

Maiqui before and after

The Primed Lifestyle is more about health than weight loss. However, they are linked so you not only get healthier but lose weight. Cool. You also gain peace of mind as you think of food less often, learn how to eat properly and know you can easily maintain your new, healthier, Primed Lifestyle without having to exercise excessively.

Anna Rodz before and after

“A person too busy to take care of their health is like a mechanic too busy to take care of his tools.”
~Spanish Proverb.

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31 thoughts on “Why Are So Many People Adopting a Primed Lifestyle?”

  1. Once you go Primed, its impossible to turn back. It’s not so much the food you eat, its the food you DONT EAT that makes the difference. That’s why it is so easy to incorporate into your lifestyle and why you cant turn back!

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