Primed Ultra Marathoner Kristian Joergensen

Meet Primed Kristian Joergensen, a Danish ultra marathoner and trail runner living in the Philippines.  Just another example of someone who has improved their lives by going Primed.

Read here why so many people like Kristian are going Primed. Even the professional ultra marathoners like Timothy Olson and Zach Bitter are.

Quotes from Kristian Joergensen: – 

“I follow your blog. Loved the fresh coconut milk for curry dishes and shakes.”

“Thanks a lot, following you Primed tips. It is really good!”

“The Primed kimchi wraps, and coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut cream are really, really good!”

“Much inspiring to follow your Primed for your Life blog. Will use Primed home-made Gelfor Pulag100 next week!”

Kimbap Mackerel 2

More Quotes from Kristian:

“Hi Chad. I just saw your healthy Primed Gourmet Pizza. For the crust you have to use cauliflower and broccoli “rice”. Is that basically “minced broccoli and cauliflower?”

Chin Primed Pizza17

Chad’s Reply:

“Yep, sure is mate. You can use just cauliflower or both. You can even add in squash that gas been grated with a cheese grater. You need to cook them though with coconut oil or bacon fat with salt. We oven cook it for 20 minutes (stir every 10) and once cooled add cream cheese etc. for your pizza crust base. Plain white flour is deadly mate so we find nutritious alternatives. Cheers.”

Kristian Again:

“Basically i went Primed because i felt drained mentally during office. hours. It was actually just a test after you showed me your blog (after the Pimco Sembrano race when you came in 2nd and beat me for the first time).”

“When I realized how much it changed (I improved myself), just within a few weeks, I decided to go all in.”

“After that I discovered how much more energy I got during races, plus I have always had bad and heavy stomach during races. That problem went away after changing my food habits. I have only been running for less than a year.”

Kristian’s race Results:

“After I went Primed I managed to finish 2nd place in my first ultra marathon in Puerto Galera.”


Kristian with fellow Primed ultra marathoner Andy Pope.

“Finished as Champion in Banaue rice marathon (21k category), Finished as champion in Baler Marathon (21k category), Finished 23th place in pilipinas akyathlon (35k international trail run) , finished 5th place in Mt. Ugo marathon, 2nd place in age group 30 – 35 in Pilipans mountain series 35k trail run. I managed to finish CMM (cordillera mountain marathon) and OST (Old spanish trail 50 k) with a week intervals, 7th place in both races, despite ITBS injury, and now going for Pulag100.  And 9th place in Mt. Apo Marathon.”


The Final Inspiring Words from Kristian:

“Yes I definitely see some benefits. Specially more energy (mental and physical), and much better stomach during races, when i have loaded up Primed! It is actually surprising how much it helps. It has been great for my family too.”

“It should be mandatory in school to teach kids (and parents) about it!”


From Chad:

“You bet Kristian. We owe it to ourselves and our children to eat real food and feed our children real food and not cheap, GMO, chemical, processed non-foods like bread, pasta, noodles, doughnuts etc.”

As Dr. Robert Su said: “The most important measure to improve children’s health parent’s must maintain a constant blood glucose level within healthy range by restricting carbos to children.”

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