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Primed Ultra Marathoner Rose Betonio

Meet a wonderful Primed lady called Rose Benito. Rose is an ultra marathoner with a great smile and a tremendous zest for life. Rose recently adopted the Primed Lifestyle, loves it and will never go back!

Rose pic

Rose Betonio Said:

Kristian Joergensen introduce me my diet plan absolute result not even 1 month my abs is out already with the workout determination.”

“Thanks to primed for your life I will make a testimony after I finish my 60 days challenge :)”

“It’s really great in almost 3 weeks my abs is out. That’s a big wow and everyone amaze and asking about the diet plan, even international runners.”

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Primed Ultra Marathoner Kristian Joergensen

Meet Primed Kristian Joergensen, a Danish ultra marathoner and trail runner living in the Philippines.  Just another example of someone who has improved their lives by going Primed.

Read here why so many people like Kristian are going Primed. Even the professional ultra marathoners like Timothy Olson and Zach Bitter are.

Quotes from Kristian Joergensen: – 

“I follow your blog. Loved the fresh coconut milk for curry dishes and shakes.”

“Thanks a lot, following you Primed tips. It is really good!”

“The Primed kimchi wraps, and coconut oil, coconut milk and coconut cream are really, really good!”

“Much inspiring to follow your Primed for your Life blog. Will use Primed home-made Gelfor Pulag100 next week!”

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