Benefits of a Primed Lifestyle

The Primed Lifestyle is about eating quality real food items so as to optimally fuel your body and brain and therefore minimize inflammation.

The Primed Lifestyle is about getting back to basics and living more consciously so as to make better choices in our lives.

Let’s eat to live as opposed to living to eat.


Changes that we enjoy as a result of our Primed Lifestyle include that we have:

  • More energy;
  • Better clarity of mind;
  • Less stomach issues:
  • No potential diabetes;
  • Better bowel movements;
  • Better skin;
  • Better teeth;
  • Better mood;
  • Losing body fat;
  • Better quality sleep;
  • Less sickness; and
  • Saving money through preventive maintenance.
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    Please be aware that Chad is not a medically trained Doctor, health professional, fitness expert, dietary expert or scientist;

    As stated previously, I am simply wishing to share my experience and knowledge gained during my fitness and health journey.

    I wish to share my fun stories, food recipes, life’s challenges and experiences.

    Why? Because I care.

    I desperately want to help others live longer and better lives.

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