Way to Go Primed Anna

Dear Anna, Thank you for sharing your story below. So far the Primed Lifestyle has helped to eliminate back pain, cure PCOS, cure Irritable Bowel Syndrome, lessened period pain and fixed a lot of stomach and bowel issues in people among other benefits.

Primed for your Life is committed helping people to become healthier by eating more nutritious, less inflammatory food. Keep up the great effort Anna as you are beautiful and your future will be wonderful. Cheers, Chad.

Anna R in Europe

Dear Chad,

I have been living with Endometriosis pain for many years now. It is a chronic inflammatory auto-immune disease, the causes of which are still unclear to modern medicine. The theory is that every month the endometrial cells deposit in the reproductive organs instead of totally shedding through menstruation as is the way with normal cycles. This cause severe pain during my period and also during ovulation. Since it is a progressive disease, my pain has reached debilitating proportions and I have found myself contemplating surgery for a total hysterectomy. This is my next step since we have already exhausted all medical options.

In a bid to delay such major surgery, I did a lot of research and as a last ditch effort went alternative and decided to go on an anti-inflammatory diet. It was then that Chad got in touch with me and discussed with me his Primed for your Life lifestyle which follows a lot of the same principles as the anti inflammatory endometriosis diet that I had decided to adopt. The idea is to avoid all inflammatory foods —- sugar being the biggest culprit, grains, vegetable oils and legumes.

I went strictly on the Primed for your Life lifestyle way of eating last December and was amazed at the immediate results.

My pain went down from a 10/10 to a manageable level 6. I did not change anything except for my diet so I truly believe that it was the diet that helped me to keep my pain under control. As an added bonus, I began to lose significant inches on my stomach. Note that I have been a triathlete for a couple of years now and have still not really managed to lose as much weight as I would like. But within 2 months on the Primed for your Life diet I had gotten a lot of compliments on how I looked. Finally I was starting to look like an athlete.

I had gotten stronger too and I could feel myself train with more energy. The weight loss was kind to my joints and running, which was my waterloo started to become an easier task for me.

Anna R Century Tuna team
Anna is a proud member of the Century Tuna Triathlon Team

Ironically, my strong conviction of how effective this diet is comes from the fact that I find it so difficult to stick to it. I admit I love rice, bread, pasta and all desserts. So this has been a true challenge for me.

In the beginning of the year I had slowly reintroduced my favorite things into my diet and immediately my gut reacted. I was back in pain. If there is any proof that what I was consuming had a direct correlation to my pain, that would be it.

Today I am still battling with getting my diet back in order, and am now as a consequence still dealing with the resurgence of my pain. But I know what to do now and am surely going to put more effort into getting back on the wagon.

This is going to be a permanent lifestyle change for me. I hate being ill. I hate being in pain.

Anna 2nd place

It takes me away from the things I love to do. Everyday I hope that I have the discipline to eat Primed and continue eating Primed.

I would recommend it to anybody wanting to improve their health.


Anna Rodriguez-Dela Cruz


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