So Many People are Improving Their Lives by Following the Primed Lifestyle

Today is my birthday and I want to thank everyone for supporting Primed for your Life. I am dedicated to helping people improve their lives through optimal nutrition. Please feel free to email me at how the Primed Lifestyle has positively impacted your life and/or that of your family and loved ones. Thank you.

I will buy a Wheat Belly cookbook for one of the kind people who replies to the request above and send some special Primed Recipes and Articles (reserved for Primed clients only) to all the others.

Wheat Belly Cook book

The Primed Lifestyle is for you whether you are an Ironman like Berns Tan,

Berns Tan Number 1

an elite marathoner like Andy Pope,

a top cyclist like Maiqui Dayrit,

Maiqui before and after

a female triathlete like Anna Rodriguez,

Anna Rodz before and after

A male triathlete like Reujen;

a writer like Mae Ilagan,

A beautiful make-up artist like Precious;

a Mining General Manager like Derek Ackary,

Derek before and after1

a German aged care professional like Marc,

Marc D before and after Primed

a Dane like Kristian,

Kristian featured image

an Aussie like Chad, 


A small cutie dog like Baxter or big dogs like Coco and Boomer (yes, your pets need proper food too to thrive and survive);

a super couple like Franz & Ghia

Primed Super Couple FandG1

A top notch elite motorcycle rider like Emil, a cool family or a hospitality professional;


Newly Primed

Happy security guards like Bhong and Dayo;

A company with a great boss like Johan;

Mt. Labo Trail runners

or even an Insurance Company with 80 employees.

Dr. Ted Naiman - Eat Fat not sugar8

Or a company seeking to look after your employees welfare;


The Primed Lifestyle is for anyone wanting to improve their mind, body and happiness through optimal nutrition, sunlight, smarter exercise, improved sleep, optimal hydration, less stress and gratitude practices.

The Final Word:


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